Sunday 24th September 2017,
Project Crystallis

With Square Enix NA/EU CEO Phil Rogers’ recent efforts into bringing Final Fantasy Type-0’s localization on to the meetings in Square Enix Japan, fans are even more hopeful and excited to make an effort to bring Type-0 West. Project Crystallis will launch a mini-project, ‘Where is Type-0?’ to further pressure Square Enix with a few fun ideas.

Submit a self portrait or orginal artwork with the theme of Final Fantasy Type-0. A compilation of all entries will be put into a gallery for all to see and be sent to Square Enix.

For self portraits, simply take a photo of yourself holding a sign with “Where is Type-0” written on it. You can be creative with how you take the picture or write the sign as long as the text on the sign is clear and legible. You may wear a mask, cover your face, or completely omit your face.

For artworks, it can be any type of art form as long as it is appropriate. It must be an original artwork that you created. You may submit old artworks as long everything is made by you. The last requirement is the inclusion of the text “Where is Type-0” somewhere in your artwork.

Here’s an example of how a self portrait can be:IMG_0193

Be creative and have fun as long as you bring the message across. All entries will be posted publicly in a post after the deadline unless participants notify to have their entries not be publicized.

The DEADLINE is November 22nd, 2013. Submit all your entries to!


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