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What You Should Know About Final Fantasy Type-0’s Battle System

While waiting for Final Fantasy Type-0’s International release date, I thought I would help ease some of the anticipation with some details on the game’s battle system. Every Final Fantasy game has a battle system that will either draw the player in leaving him/her wanting more, or have the player not just running from every enemy, but running far away from the game. Not to worry though, because I’m glad to say, you won’t be running away from this game when it’s finally released.

In Final Fantasy Type-0, players are able to form parties of three. The player is given different options to create their own strategies and play styles by offering characters that specialize in different types of weapons, magic and abilities. The key to winning using this battle system relies on switching between the 3 party members mid-match to take advantage of that specific characters abilities. If one party member dies, one of the students in reserve enters the battle, and like every Final Fantasy game, when all characters die, you’ll get a game over screen. The new Phantoma system in Type-0 allows the character to absorb energy from fallen party members. When Phantoma is absorbed, the character will restore a limited amount of MP. Phantoma can also be used to customize and upgrade magic. Recovering MP is determined by the type of Phantoma absorbed and is identified by the color of the Lock On sight. A shock wave may appear while absorbing Phantoma which has the possibility to damage or kill enemies.

Final Fantasy Type-0’s battle system uses a high-speed ATB (Active Time Battle) system similar to Final Fantasy Crisis Core. The player waits for the ability gauge to fill up, and when filled up, the selected attack is launched. The player won’t have to wait long between actions though due to battles being fast paced. The Ability Gauge uses the circle, triangle, square and x buttons corresponding to abilities. The Ability Gauge fills up the more you use abilities. When unleashing an attack, the Ability Gauge will deplete. In Type-0, magic is basically used like weapons. Weapons are still a big part of battle, but magic is the main focus of power. The player can customize a magics strength, speed, range, MP usage and cooldown. The longer a button is held, Fire turns into Fira, Thunder into Thundara etc. The new Kill Sight system allows the character to kill an enemy with one attack if he or she succeeds in connecting an attack while a red target is displayed. Similar to the Kill Sight system, the Break Sight system allows the character to deal massive damage if attacking while a yellow target appears. Trinity Attack’s are performed when all three party members team up to attack a single enemy. These attacks can also be performed multiple times in a battle.

Final Fantasy Type-0 will feature a vast variety of enemies. Some enemies will try to flee, surrender, or if you want to take the Pacifist route, you can converse with the enemies to give you information. The player can avoid unnecessary battles by going after the enemy commander first, which can also lead to the remaning enemies surrendering. There will be times when the enemy commander is very difficult and will require different strategies to be defeated. Like past installments, Type-0 features preemptive strikes. When the player performs a preemptive strike, the MP consumption is lowered to 0 and the party members gain the Aura Buff. When an enemy performs a surprise attack,  the party members receive debuffs like Stop.

We can’t have a Final Fantasy battle system without summons can we? In Final Fantasy Type-0, summons are known as, “Gunshin” (God of War) and are similar to weapons. When I say they’re similar to weapons, I mean that they are basically items that the army has in stock. Your summon just died? Not to worry, there are plenty more in stock. The buttons to summon a Gunshin will appear on screen during battle and while require the player to press “circle” and “triangle” simultaneously. When a Gunshin is summoned in battle, the player takes full control of the selected Gunshin. Be warned however, when a Gunshin is summoned, the character being controlled sacrifices themselves and can no longer be used in the remainder of the battle, so make sure to use these strategically.

For more in-depth details on Type-0’s enemies, summons, magic and more, click the source link. Did the info help calm some of that excitement down? Or did it just make you want this more than ever? Let us know in the comment section below, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.


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  • AeonRoxas-Senpai

    This is pretty much the best battle system since FFX, guys. I’ve experienced it first hand.

    • AnbaLeumas

      What are your thoughts on it? I’d like to know other peoples experiences and their opinion on it.

  • want more than ever!!!

  • This sounds amazing, I played the japanese demo. Now i want the game more then ever!

  • reading this article makes it even more depressing for me. Really this is my FFXIII, and I would love to see type-1,2,3 come to life on the VITA.