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Unseen Screenshots from Lightning Returns’ TGS Demo

lightning returns bikini

Check out these new screenshots of the Wildlands demo from Tokyo Game Show. Some unseen costume templates are revealed including classic job outfits and more revealing outfits. There are a few new tidbits that goes along with the screens as well. Lightning Returns : Final Fantasy XIII will release on November 21st for Japan, February 11th for North America, and February 14th for Europe.

Hidden examine spots?

There are various miscellaneous objects that can be picked up/examined littered throughout the area. You actually have to look around for these this time.

Lightning rocking a Black Mage outfit

Gazing at the monorails while wearing a fancy crimson dress

The monorails connect all four continents in Nova Chrysalia.

Four zones that are in the Wildlands are “Steppe of Wind”, “Forest of Jagd”, “Aries Hill”, and “Zone of the Ruins”.

Ruins of Academia can be seen all over the landscape. The temple of Etro from Valhalla lies in the distance.


Dragoon’s ‘Jump’ ability can be very powerful if used correctly with combos

The Dragoon schema also has the ability to recover health for Lightning which may be very useful.

The Black Mage in action

The Black Mage schema has a skill named “rapid fire” which shoots up a series of fire spells. The monsters in the game will have elemental weaknesses that can be easily exploited by the Black Mage.

An outfit which resembles Locke with a dagger that resembles Zidane’s?

Red Mage

If Serah has one, Lightning’s gotta have one right? It’s actually the Sorceress outfit’s alternate version.

Apparently, this alternate version is named “Mermaid”.

Neon pink plug suit




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