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Type-0 Localization Pretty Much Finished. But Wait! There’s A Catch.

Final Fantasy Type-0 (Cactuar)

There hasn’t been much talk about the localization of Final Fantasy Type-0 until now. As we all now by now, Square Enix stated almost 2 weeks ago that Type-0 won’t be released outside of Japan for a while due to the declining sales in the handheld market. Supposedly, someone over at Operation Suzaku obtained some info on the game and the localization progress so far.

According to an unnamed source who recorded voice-over for one of the characters in the game, the English localization is 90% complete. All of the English dub recording is said to be completed and was in the works since the last quarter of 2011, a little after the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 in Japan.

Even though all of this is complete, things went wrong near the beginning of 2012. PSP hardware and software sales were dropping, including Square Enix’s own handheld titles released earlier in 2011. Square Enix’s first reaction was to just shelve the game and wait until the fans show a huge interest in the game.

Operation Suzaku also obtained confirmation from a second source that Square Enix is having trouble coming up with a resolution regarding a western release. Claiming that Sony Computer Entertainment hasn’t been much help either, the game is on hold as they’ve exhausted all options. They did not say much after that, but admitted their frustration in the situation and wouldn’t be surprised if Type-0 never saw an overseas release. For a more detailed look at Type-0’s localization troubles and Operation Suzaku, click the link.

So with this latest news on Type-0’s localization, how do you guys feel about all this? What else do you guys think should be done for our voices to be heard and get this game in our hands? Let us know in the comment section below and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.


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  • AnbaLeumas

    Everyone in Project Crystallis, and you guys, the supporters have been working too hard for this game not to release overseas! Lets get our voices out there and make sure Sqaure can hear us accross the world!

    • Mixtopher


  • Daniel Alonzo Cital

    I don’t understand what the problem is. Sure, maybe software sales of the physical releases are low, but a simple solutions that I can’t believe they haven’t thought of is to just release it through the PSN. As much as I would prefer a physical copy, I would gladly get it digital and with the Vita out and able to play PSP games, there is no doubt that people will buy the game.

    • AnbaLeumas

      I agree. I would definitely download it on my Vita.

  • Would’ve thought the answer was pretty obvious – release it on PSN for the PSP, with full Vita support (incl. dual-analog if possible)…