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Type-0 Fan Translation – a supporters view


Announced at E3 2006 and released five years later in the fall of 2011 exclusively to Japan, Final Fantasy Type-0 emerged from a rather length development time sporting a name change. Needless to say, worldwide many anticipating fans were eager to play the sole handheld title of Fabula Nova Crystallis. However, the language barrier does indeed present a problem.

With no intention to localize it for Western audiences, a group has begun a Type-0 Fan Translation of the game in English without sanctioning by Square-Enix. Originally beginning with the modest goal of producing a script, the group has now undertaken creation of a patch to implement English subtitles into the game.

It is the Project Crystallis’ official position to reject any support for these fan translation patch projects.

These are the facts thus far.

From here on, this is merely the author’s opinion on the situation. This is the collective belief, despite the various opinions of its individual members, which Project Crystallis as a group have taken for the benefit of an eventual and official Type-0 release to the West. This is a diplomatic gesture to show goodwill for Square-Enix and respect for its products, not one of personal disdain for the English translation patch or any affiliated projects. This is not due to resentment, latent anger or any excuses that may be used.

Whatever the arguments for the benefits of the patch, it is not Project Crystallis’ place to determine what ought to be legal and just. It is not Project Crystallis’ place to decide what copyright infringement is and what is deserving of C&D letters. This is a law abiding group that holds a tenuous and constantly tested belief that Square-Enix, as a company, will deliver in due course. It is, however, Project Crystallis’ place to encourage or demand explanation for why such due course has taken so dang long.

It is Project Crystallis’ right to form an opinion on the behalf of their members though not all members agree. Regardless of however many dozen or perhaps hundreds of persons that will import Type-0 and affix the patch themselves, it is Project Crystallis’ firm belief that many thousands more will pirate the game through ISO, ROMs or what have you. And utilizing these English patches, pirating will reach a new audience thus denying a market for Square-Enix to sell to in the West.

It is a common feeling that many hundreds of thousands of eager and loyal fans will be denied an official Type-0 release for the appeasement of a few zealots. Not everyone possesses the means, the funds, the knowledge, the expertise, the time or the will to go the lengths as so few have done for the sake of a game. However, to act in a way that would jeopardize access to a game for so many others is unethical and unjust. Project Crystallis acts not in the interests of solely its members but for the benefit of as many as reasonably possible. Many of these members have sacrificed much sleep, health, treasure, time, and on one occasion a peanut butter smeared pizza on the bottom of Tupperware curry for the sake of Final FantasyType-0 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Such sacrifice will not go to waste. The Project feels the correct course is to petition Square again and again however arduous and hopeless it may appear. It is the Project’s place to enlighten others of the Project’s struggles and frustrations on a game that has captivated the hearts and hopes of so many. It is the Project’s place to wait together, to laugh together and enjoy games together. It is also the Project’s place to support the Square and its products, not to open avenues from which they may be exploited.

We only ask from each their abilities and to each their officially localized Final Fantasy Type-0.

– Peonus

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  • Well said.

  • I respect ur opinion but do u still have hope that square enix will release the game in europe or us? I gave up long time ago …i support any effort to bring the game to the transilation fan gave me some hope

    • Peonus

      I think you are confusing us as a group actively conspiring against the fan translation. This is not the case. I believe the fan translation, though full of rather arrogant members, have decent motives in their hearts. If it would please you, then make use of their work because you are the sort of person they had in mind.

      However, I must iterate that we cannot openly condone their efforts. We are also not actively working against them either. What you do is your business. Not the Project’s and it’s especially not mine. I’m not a cop or a judge and my opinion certainly won’t change the fact of what you will do. But you must be ready to face whatever consequences and criticisms come with your decisions.

      We continue to believe petitioning in the best path to bring Type-Zero to the U.S. in proper and officially sanctioned form. We believe bringing awareness, through our stream, to the community formed after nearly seven years of waiting is critical to the Project’s success. I hope you will join us, we are a rather open group though we share some distasteful jokes.

      You’ll get a thing for curry pretty fast.

      This is my opinion but I personally believe bringing awareness to both Versus and Type-Zero will highlight the flaws in Square’s current development model that has been staggering in the production of first rate games in favor of three Final Fantasy XIII Lightning games in a row. The sort that favors mass production of mobile games with little content.

      I have hope Square can change but I cannot leave it to hope to make them realize how poorly their development and localization times are. This is why I am here.

      • Passerby

        Again, just stop. All you are doing by saying thing such as
        “arrogant members” are proving your own arrogance. Your long replies full of fancy words, does nothing but make you look even more of an arrogance ass.

        • Peonus

          I never said I wasn’t arrogant. Nor do I find such negative connotation with it.

          Umadbro? umad?

          • Passerby

            Believe it or not, I’m actually laughing. Pretty darn hard right now.

            Well I’m off, thanks for the entertainment and feeding the trolls.

          • Peonus

            Same to you, bro.

  • At least they’re taking action instead of hiding behind a blog and hoping SE will do something. But this is Square Enix we’re talking about. They haven’t given us the Internationals, the Final Mixes, etc, what makes you think they would localize Type-0 for us?

    • Peonus

      Son, Square announced FFX HD for the PSP at TGS 2011. I don’t forget either.

      I’m fully aware that at times Square employs frustrating development and information cycles. However, I maintain optimism in that they are capable of reversing these negative trends for the better.

      But we are not merely resting on our optimism. We actively contact and communicate with Square. By gathering petition signatures, Facebook likes and such, we demonstrate the solidarity the community has in presenting a large and unified front that we want Type-Zero and Versus XIII.

      Now, I must insist, you are present something of a false dichotomy with your logic along with a heavy dollop of straw man. Nothing against you, but please do not misrepresent the opposition.

      Now, regarding your ideology that action is better than hiding behind a blogs. You ignore the fact that Project Crystallis continues to actively work to bring attention to these games almost neglected by the masses and focus on your deeper implication. That the Project operates a stream with fantastic and memorable streamers (minus Candy who is a raging beast of restrained FURY). That the Project offers prizes to its viewers and anyone wiling to support its members at the expense of the generosity and wallets of the members themselves.

      Now, while I believe the motives for the translation groups actions is just, the potential for misuse from its original intentions is far to great. There is no guarantee that it won’t be used for this purpose. There aren’t even safeguards against it. But that is to be expected from such things and the reality of this world.

      What I do have trouble with, is the translation group’s refusal to acknowledge the potential consequences of such actions. They range from utterly disbelief and denial that people would use them, to watered down versions of “for the greater good” arguments to Square will WANT to sell in the West after they see how popular the translated version is!

      It terrifies me a bit, the cognitive dissonance. Perhaps you are making Square angrier and angrier with every line you translate. Perhaps Square pushes back the release date of Versus XIII a day for every synched subtitle sentence. Perhaps you make Square even more hesitant to engage in a market and respect a fan base that seeks only to, in their opinion and view, steal from their hard work, efforts and just profits.

      Be wary of your consequences because even though you burned down a forest to kill a mad killer clown, you still burned down a forest and a village’s livelihood for it.

      • You contact and communicate with Square? If so please delegate the conversation’s you’ve had kind sir, it would bode well for a fan group and Square to be on speaking terms and improve your standing. And expand horizons for others to join your cause.

        • Peonus

          You want me to assign someone to go speak with them…?

          I don’t think delegate means what you think it means.

          • You said you communicate with them yes?

            I am referring to if they actually talked to you about either game. Apparently not.


          • Peonus

            I personally did not talk to them but from what I understood from their tone and wording is that they want Project Crystallis to be a stronger and larger movement before they feel we are worth investing in and releasing information to.

            That is why we strive.

          • I see. Thanks for your response. I’ve told “them” to refrain from badgering your movement. I apologize for their actions.

          • Peonus

            I hope we may enjoy an era of more cordial relations than the past.

        • I really hope you’re only doing general work for the translation because your english isn’t as good as a translation needs.

      • Daniel Scott Kennedy

        Final Fantasy X HD NEVER was announced for PSP, it was for PS Vita and back in 2011 the PS Vita wasn’t even out. Check your facts.

  • Passerby

    “The Project feels the correct course is to petition Square again and again however arduous and hopeless it may appear.”

    “Insanity – doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

    • Peonus

      I must insist that the Project has made certain grounds with regards to Square and are communicating with them. We have respect for Square and its products, Thus, we must act in a way deserving of their recognition and respect as well. Though we are not producing results as fast as we would like and definitely not as effortlessly as you would like, we are still making some gains.

      This is good enough of a purpose to strive through for.

      I am sorry if this movement is not as fast or as instantaneously gratifying as you would like but the world cannot be full of 1.3 billion view Gangnam Styles where passby can sit back and enjoy the free ride. Welcome to Obama’s America /s/.

      • Passerby

        Stating that a translation project of fairly large game as instantaneously gratifying is an insult to many people who have brought fan translation to many games that never saw the day of light in US is a great insult.

        PC approach is to repeat the same thing over and over, I get that. However, these are group of people that decided it will not happen a year and a half might not be a lot of time in your book, but with modern gaming moving as fast as it does, it is a lot of time.

        Again, translating a game in no way is instantaneous. Nor a free-ride, there are and will be more times dedicated by the team member to complete the work.

        Please leave politics out of this.

        • Peonus

          What… is your point?

          You basically spent the entire post straw manning around semantics and definitions of “instantaneous gratification” while throwing slight shots at Project Crystallis. Then you go on to say that “Oh man, X worked so hard on A, just leave X alone!”

          Look, we both have strong biases for our respective camps but regardless of how much you whine, beg or attempt to justify, the fact is we have formed separate opinions. You disagree with mine and I disagree with yours.

          If you don’t like my opinion or how I emphasize it, then getting prissy about it and focusing the centerpiece of your counter argument on my use of “instantaneous gratification” isn’t the way to do it. It’s a House M.D. reference by the way.

          I strongly suggest you steel your resolve because you cannot tolerate such criticism, perhaps the internet is not for you. Shall I mail you a pamphlet on how to uninstall it?

          To your last comment, to leave politics out of it. I’m sorry I live in a world where I must politics and war so my sons may have the right to learn arithmetic, naval navigation, civil engineer, architecture and agriculture so that their sons may ought to learn porcelain, ceramics, painting, music, poetry and theater. Therefore, I must insist…

          Can you please leave your butthurt out of it?

          • Passerby

            Oh, is someone getting mad?

          • Peonus

            This is actually becoming quite a fun game chasing you around the comment threads.

  • Mixtopher

    I received a response from Square today and this is what I got.

    “Hey Chris,

    You keep asking all the hard questions ;).

    Unfortunately we cannot comment officially on the below at this time. In regards to a release of FINAL FANTASY Type-0 in NA, I don’t have any new information at this time.”

  • Localization rates. Yeah I’m not convinced.

    Kingdom Hearts 3D

    Japan March 2012 – NA July 2012 (5 months)

    Crisis Core

    Japan September 2007 – NA March 2008 (6 months)

    3rd Birthday

    Japan December 2010 – NA March 2011 (4 months)


    Japan December 2008 – NA August 2009 (8 months)

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

    Japan February 2012 – NA July 2012 (5 months)

    Whereas with Final Fantasy Type-0

    Japan October 2011 – NA ??? (16 months +)

  • pablo raphael

    very good freinds

  • Guest

    Hey guys! This is MysticDistance!

    So, Project Crystallis, you say we are encouraging “piracy”? Please explain

    • Peonus

      The potential for piracy is there and it is very real. That is reason enough to not support it. I am sorry if your ego demands total gratification from everyone regarding your efforts but know this world is vast and many do not share similar or equal opinions. For example, your opinion is inferior to mine but your narcissism regarding your righteousness and just crusade for your translation efforts blows my ego the hell out of the water.

      • Passerby

        I understand that PC does not want to support the fan translation project, but the very least they could do for those who believe, are doing something for fans that want to play the game in their native language is to shut their mouth instead of making a post with a degrading tone.

        I’m sorry if MysticDistance mistakenly pointed his rant toward the fans instead of PC. I’m sure it was a mistake on his side.

        • Peonus

          Degrading tone? I’ve made it especially clear that our decision came from a sound logical base and concern regarding the consequences and aftereffects should such a patch go public. If you cannot find fault with the argument itself but rather the tone then it suggests strongly that your cause is at its base, faulty.

          Our opinions is not going to stop you or anyone else from using the patch or not. Our opinions are not going to stop people from pirating this game. And certainly not, whatever your hopes or beliefs, will your opinions stop people from simply pirating the game and applying the patch.

          Whoever takes that last option, should be ready to face the consequences of it. As a movement, Project Crystallis cannot condone something that could potentially be used in such a misguided way so easily, so unregulated and so widespread. To do so would disrespect Square-Enix, its products and the Final Fantasy name.

          Our concern is there. The stance has been made. Get over it.

          I find it funny how you attempt to apologize for MysticDistance’s rudeness yet just a few words prior is to suggest that we “shut mouth.”

          Please, master some etiquette.

          • Passerby

            Right back at ya. Just have to have the last word huh?

          • Peonus

            I believe we are learning a lot about ourselves and each other. This is a fantastic conversation in some respects although the amount of content coming from you is on the light to non-existent side.

          • Passerby

            Sorry saw this one on my way out. I like to keep it light, short to the point.

          • Peonus

            My offer to mail you a pamphlet to uninstall the internet is still open. I strongly recommend this course of action. I feel the internet air has taken kindly to your thinking.

          • Passerby

            Again, right back at ya. Ciao!

          • Peonus

            And now, I alone stand victorious.

  • Hey guys, it’s MysticDistance from the project!

    I have read your article Project Crystallis, and I must ask: You say we are encouraging “piracy”? Please explain this piracy, and how we are encouraging it. You say we are hurting localization from SE, yes, which is why SE has made every single excuse in the book to not localize it. There is no excuse, but you fanboys need to make one so we sound bad. We are at least working to bring you the game in English. We are not trying to steal from SE, or anything. We are just translating a game.

    Localization rates? Hmm, let me see.

    SE’s localization hasn’t improved much. KH3D was an example, but really, nothing much changed. Theatrhythm still took 5/6 months, and Magius proves this point.

    Edward and Magius are correct on this one, and I hope I added more to it. You guys have an article about “winning” Versus XIII and believe a petition will bring FF Type-0 and Versus XIII to light. Please think of that before making these articles. This site seems to have some sort of narccissitic thing going, since you think after many petitions anything will change. So explain Bravely Default Flying Fairy and Operation Suzaku.

    Learn from Operation Rainfall, and stop thinking petitions will do anything or everything. And also, lock down your Facebook a bit more.

    I am sorry if this seemed rude or distasteful, but time to get down to the truth. SE just doesn’t care and a petition or pre-order will NOT do anything.

    ~MysticDistance (Ryan)

    • Ryan speaks the truth. Petitions won’t do a thing for you. What’s SE going to do with a piece of paper and a couple signatures? It’s meaningless to them.

      • A couple signatures? Wait…i thought they had more…click……click…….click, i’m seeing 5,693 signatures.

        • Still won’t matter. Even if they somehow get 4504835093478689342752394856430584306 signatures, SE won’t do anything.

        • Passerby

          Let me put it this way Alex,
          Even if there was a million signatures on that paper, SE is a LTD. That means they are traded company. This means they are not obligated to do anything.

          Does it make them look bad by ignoring it? Yes, it does – for the fans who signed the petition and ignored.

          Also, let me remind you that the population of US alone is 313,914,040 – compare that to 5,693; it’s a needle in a planet of hay stack.

    • Even if PC wanted to support the fan translation, it can’t state it because it contradicts its goal of having an official localized version. Many still want an official version of the game with proper voice acting etc. But PC could think of the fan project as a way to push Square to localize the game. It’s almost mandatory that PC makes a statement like this if PC still wants to follow through with its goals.

    • Peonus

      Now, calling us
      “fanboys” in the first paragraph does little to prove your maturity.

      I believe I’ve made it
      strenuously clear that Project Crystallis engages in dialogue with Square-Enix
      North American branch of marketing. This
      is a relationship the Project hopes to maintain and expand upon. According to what we have received from the
      Square-Enix marketing department, they have not officially made their position
      regarding their impending actions or passivity towards your project. We believe, based on the sheer plausibility
      and reality of exploitation occurring, that we cannot support your translation
      project at this time.

      I must repeat, this is nothing
      personal against you. It’s all about
      politics, diplomacy and tact; something you are sorely lacking from your
      response here. Simply because the Project
      does not condone or support your efforts does not mean we actively work against
      it. The Project simply cannot say
      “Hey great job! You’re the TRUE fanboy!
      Good job giving an opportunity for tens of thousands of people who can’t
      speak Japanese good reason to play this game!
      Oh wait, this game is kind of expensive.
      Let’s download it illegally instead.”

      See what I mean? It is not worth jeopardizing our relationship
      with Square so we can get on our knees and pleasure your egos. You’re getting awfully irritated and angry
      because you have not met unanimous approval.

      Regarding your belief that you
      are bringing this game to many of eager and loyal fans… that’s fine and
      dandy. However, we cannot ignore the
      plausibility that such things may be exploited for nefarious purposes. Again, nothing personal. The very real and highly likely plausibility
      of it being exploited to open new markets of piracy means we cannot openly
      support it. Of course, the potential
      copyright and legal implications regarding your project are another issue which
      I prefer to gloss over entirely.

      Your second half of your response
      has been reduced to ad hominen attacks.
      This suggests strongly to me umad bro.
      Umad. Usomad. Oh man.
      I haven’t seen this mad since….usomadbro.

      • Passerby

        Please stop, if you don’t want to be placed to the same as lolcatz.
        All you are doing instead of making a good point is degrading yourself.

        • Peonus

          If I’m degrading myself I’d love to hear what you think you’re doing for yourself.

    • Lenku

      First of all MysticDistance, you’re responding to a supporter’s article, yet your response is directed to PC. And calling PC fanboys? Yeah, that’s a good way to get your point across; it’s debatable whether a group of people spending time to translate a whole game is more a fanboy than a group trying to get it translated by the company that developed it. PC has been contacted by 2 reps from SE of NA regarding their petition – you think it’s a good idea for them to vocalize another option otherwise and ruin the work so far? You say to learn from OpRF and then you say petitions and pre-orders change nothing, but OpRF made Nintendo of NA aware of Xenoblade Chronicles by pre-orders of Monado (XC’s previous name) on Amazon until it received Best Seller in 3 categories, and I already mentioned the contact from SE because of the petitions.

      Now, in regards to localization and translation patch – the concept in itself doesn’t promote piracy but it’s a thought process of the chain of events: if there’s a patch out, how would one apply it? It’s patched onto an ISO – now, while people can import their own copy, who would do so considering the price of importing? And who wouldn’t think, “Well, I can just download an ISO now since I don’t know how to rip UMDs.” And when a new game comes out, how many of those, REALLY, would think “Okay, I love this game and I will now get myself a hard copy” over “Oh, a new game! I can always import a physical copy of Type-0 later.”

      You’re taking this statement from PC personally instead of professionally; whether PC supports a fan translation or not doesn’t hurt the fan translation group or stop your project from going further – it doesn’t hurt you in the least. However, if PC were to vocally state that they’re behind the project, they can ruin the relations and connections they have with SE of NA right now (as if that was easy enough to get as is) AND IF SE sends you guys a Cease and Desist letter, guess who’s also going down with you? Any site that supports it, including PC, would. It’s not a shot at the project – it’s politics. So I’m sure a lot of people will be happy with your translation patch (that is, if you stop distracting yourselves from sniping at PC and instead continue working on the translation), I think PC’s public stance on this is correct.

      If you STILL feel the need to “bring down PC because they don’t agree,” you should spend your time on this, since apparently, you have a lot of time:

  • Good article Peonus. I’m glad one of us little guys can see it this way AND have the ability to put their thoughts into well thought out paragraphs. *claps*

    • Peonus

      I appreciate it. Thank you.

  • I’m sorry to say that, considering the fan translation project piracy, only proves how ignorant the writer is; as even the original UMD will be necessary to patch the game.

    Also, all the methods we are using are 100% legit, just like in the other (more than) ten translations of Square Enix games I’ve completed (of course, with no legal issues; unfortunately not all games are released in Spain in Spanish, you may have a look at my blog to check them out). This is no different case.

    I understand that an official translation is always better, of course, but you guys are being naive thinking a petition will do anything. I would also like to think that our project could encourage Square Enix to actually release the game in the US; but that’s not happening either.

    I though we all had the same goal: bringing the western the experience of Type-0, it seems that I was wrong. But as stated below, please, if you don’t support a project, it does not mean you have to write against it.

    Please, in the future, get you facts right before jumping to conclusions, I wouldn’t like to believe this is all because you think PC is obsolete now that a translation patch is on the way.



  • Xx_Kares_xX

    You hold far too much faith in Square as a company, they lost all of their talent and good will towards fans when Sakaguchi and Uematsu left the company. Seriously, NOTHING since then has been even a fraction as good as the games were before they left. Even Kingdom Hearts which those two people had nothing to do with has been completely spinning it’s wheels and getting more and more boring as time goes on. Trust me, I’m very hopeful that Square will find their way, but it doesn’t seem to be happening, in fact day after day it appears they are only getting worse, following the likes of EA and Capcom from stardom to almost universal hatred.

  • FF Type-0 is easily One of the top 10 best PSP games of all time, i’m going thru the game in japanese, i can only read very basic so i miss a lot of things but still, the game blows my mind, it makes crisis core look like garbage, and i loved crisis core. Why don’t they localize it? it goes beyond any logic, i think when you have so much money as square right now you can just do extremely bad business decisions and you are still not going down.