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Sony Playstation 4?

HRsksky February 1, 2013 Misc., Video No Comments on Sony Playstation 4?

Sony Computer Entertainment recently released a trailer for the Playstation console series. And many people speculate that the Playstation 4 is nearing its debut.

The new HD trailer put up by Sony states that more information regarding this reveal will surface on February 20th of 2013 6 PM EST. This is claimed as the “future of Playstation”. Could this be Playstation 4? Will it release some time in 2014?

If this is indeed the Playstation 4, does this mean that Playstation 3’s life will end quietly but surely? But what about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Will it release after the Playstation 4 has been released? None of us know the answers yet. What do you think?


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