Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Second Conversation with the Creator on Kingdom Hearts III

nomura kh3

Previously in Tokyo Game Show, Tetsuya Nomura presented a remix trailer and a short Conversation with the Creator video on Final Fantasy XV, despite not revealing new information. Nothing was said about Kingdom Hearts III which was last announced at E3 2013.

If the Japanese 2chan sources are correct, Nomura will return with a second video discussing about Kingdom Hearts III. Unlike Final Fantasy XV, not much has been revealed about Kingdom Hearts III so hopefully fans will receive new information. The Conversation with the Creator videos are Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia’s official series for promoting Playstation 4. The video will release some time in October 2013.

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  • Brian LePoidevin

    Hey we don’t need Kingdom Hearts 3 instantly. The trailer said in development meaning they want the fans to know that it is coming but it will be a while. Lets all calm down and wait. Besides I want Final Fantasy 15 way before Kingdom Hearts 3.

    • Syed Sameer Rahman

      Not too long though. Within 3 years is acceptable for me.

      • Fersnake

        Release date(s) JP December 22, 2005
        NA March 28, 2006
        AU September 28, 2006
        EU September 29, 2006
        JP March 29, 2007 (Final Mix)

        those are the release dates of KH2 i think we wait enough.