Wednesday 16th August 2017,
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RUMOR: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Coming to PS3 and PS4


The French website, Gameblog, claims to have a insider source in Square Enix that has confirmed Final Fantasy Versus XIII will launch on Sony’s PlayStation 3 and their next generation PlayStation 4 console. Take a look at the translation from Gameblog:

According to our source close to Square Enix, we are able to confirm the arrival of Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PS3 … and PS4.

According to our information, the change would have occurred there are now nearly 2 years. A moment more complex during development. The life of the project has been anything but smooth sailing. But no, the title is definitely not canceled.

Note that today, the title would be dedicated to Sony machines and therefore do not come out on Xbox 360.

Our source confirmed that Sony would have helped this transition with the PS4 portage financially. The price for such exclusivity? Difficult to judge. Remains to be more and know a release date. Square Enix is scheduled to speak on the subject at E3 2013 in June in Los Angeles.”

This actually sounds like the most reasonable rumor when compared to the recent switch to PS4 rumor. We will just have to wait and  “be excited for E3” 2013. So how do you guys feel about this? I’m sure you’re all excited that this may be coming to both the PS3 and PS4. Let us know in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy Versus XIII with Project Crystallis.

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  • will wait for something official ….. I have been burnt way too many times …. though if it is true, no problem. be it on Xbox or Ps3 , I just want this game … I don’t believe in exclusives, I always believe everyone should enjoy the game but man, the wait has been too long now. Will wait for E3

    • AnbaLeumas

      I feel you on that one. Lets hope for some confirmation this June.

      • Indeed, am hoping the gaming gods smile down on us … I want to love square again man … I really really do

        • AnbaLeumas

          I’m right there with you.

    • No exclusives = no competition = no evolution = no progression = shit industry

      • Agreed though, that is true, otherwise we only need one console .Even so…We don’t even see any progression or evolution. Exclusives drives profit and competition alone … Which is why I don’t believe in it.

        • Journey says otherwise. Wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Sony’s funding.

          • Fair Enough Journey was funded by Sony. But what Journey brings to the table is more of a testament to the developers and their artistic vision not the fact that it is a PS 3 exclusive. Don’t get me wrong I do agree with you , Exclusives SHOULD act as a catalyst for progression and evolution. If Ps3 has these great exclusives, Xbox should hit back tenfold with other exclusives and this should be the natural evolution of things. I mean, look at rain, it looks fantastic, yet that game won’t be enough to push any sort of evolution because all that matters these days are the CODS and Assassin’s creeds. If Resident Evil that sold over 5 million is a failure how can exclusives in this day and age make a difference? and that, again is why I don’t believe in it. because if more people played Rain or Journey (i.e Xbox,PC or Ninty) then more people would then see the staleness of the industry.

  • However it would make sence for it to be a launch title and would likely explain some of the delays

    • AnbaLeumas

      This becoming a launch title for the PS4 would be ridiculous. In a good way.

  • Kind of given up caring after being jerked around for so many years. Square has just become one giant joke after another by this point.

  • eilegz

    hopefully this its true i wont buy a next gen console yet until the prices and the library improve

  • ezequielnc

    Rumors…. rumors….. that’s all about FF Versus XIII

  • I call bs until I see the sources from SE speak on this themselves

  • well let us cross our fingers on this one guys, but I am still faithful because I am a FF junkie and I need my fix lol I can only play crisis core so many times lol oh well I am happy though making my fan art for noctis!

  • At this point I don’t really care. As long as it’s on a powerful console like the PS3…this is Square’s chance to bring fans back into the limelight.

  • When it is on the PS4 better (Grafik, loading time and and and) then i buy the PS4! But when PS3 Version = PS4 Version is, than i buy on PS3. But only when this news is true^^ (sry for my bad english)

  • Axex

    “The price for such exclusivity? Difficult to judge.” I don’t think so, looking to all this people crying so long with they money out of the ass, looks delicious to someone pocket!?

  • Westrmistr

    While we wait for an official announcement, this does bring hope to those not wanting Versus to be PS4 exclusive. There are a lot more people wanting to buy Final Fantasy Versus XIII on their PlayStation 3 than there are those willing to purchase a PlayStation 4 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

    • AnbaLeumas

      I’d personally get it for both. Keep one sealed (assuming that one would be a special edition of some sort) and play the other one.

  • juma086

    I don’t care WHAT additional system it ends up being on… as long as its available on the PS3 like originally promised, we’re square. (no pun intended)

    • AnbaLeumas

      Ahhhhhhhh I get it!

    • ida20

      Yeah they better stop leading us around in circles

    • Mel

      i hope they wouldn’t CROSS us and only release it for the PS4

    • Joey1013

      Please don’t tell me you just said that? Xbox 360 destroyed FFXIII. It was downleveled in world maps and visuals. The game would suck if on Xbox too.

      • juma086

        I REALLY don’t even care at this point.

        I just want the game T_T

  • i dont care if it isnt on xbox 360 i will get a ps3 and get rid of my 360 games for ps3 games so i can get versus when it comes out

  • ChimeranX

    So long as it’s on PS3, I don’t care. I refuse to buy a PS4 just to play Versus XIII, as much as I want it.

  • well some pics and some footage of how it is going would be lovely to see anytime soon maybe E3!

  • If they would actually do this I’d forgive square for the 7 FRIKIN YEARS of development.

  • Choco Na Gatas Daitōryō

    If the game would be release to PS3 and PS4. What difference would it have? Maybe we’ll wait for further announcement(If there will be one)