Sunday 20th August 2017,
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Saints Row IV

How do I explain the whacky satire of a game that we call Saints Row IV. The game filled with some of the most humurous and fun characters in a sandbox game? Maybe the game filled with so much to do [...]

September 13, 2013
Ico: Castle in the Mist by Miyuki Miyabe

Ico: Castle in the Mist

Ico: Castle in the Mist is a novelization of the 2001 PlayStation 2 cult classic. It was written by Miyuki Miyabe, a popular and celebrated author in Japan. Her crime/mystery novels, including All She Was Worth and Crossfire, have been rather successful; the latter [...]

September 12, 2013

Portal 2

One of the best games out there that held a special place in my heart is Portal 2. Probably because it’s a friggin’ cool game for starters, this is why I will give it such a high rating. But, just because the [...]

September 7, 2013
Final Fantasy III

Final Fantasy III (Nintendo DS)

Final Fantasy III was originally released in Japan in April 27, 1990 for the NES. The game has been kept there for quite some time until 2006. Not to be confused with the NA version of Final Fantasy III which [...]

August 29, 2013
SoD logo

State of Decay Review

Neighborhoods are empty, my skin burns from walking in the sun all day, and it seems that birds don’t exist anymore. 15 feet away from grabbing my neck, a horde of zombies are running as if a brick wall stands [...]

June 10, 2013
DP 01

Deadly Premonition Review

Deadly Premonition is like a bad foreign FBI show that would have probably worked better as a anime. Instead of getting a good FBI show, you’re [...]

May 29, 2013
Flower logo

Flower Review – Abner

Flower isn’t just a game. Flower is a playable poem. Flower is my therapy. Flower makes me happy, and it makes me think. It reminds me of how beautiful the world is even with it’s problems. I can sit here [...]

May 24, 2013
Journey logo

Journey Review

Journey is a game all about the experience within the journey. This is your story. Of course, this game has it’s own story to tell, but you’re creating your own tale to tell along the way. Featuring the most unique [...]

May 22, 2013
TWA logo

Thomas Was Alone Review

Thomas Was Alone isn’t just a game about blocks that can jump. It’s a truly unique take on what a puzzle-platformer can be when blended together with art, sound, gameplay, and a narrative that grabs the player and refuses to [...]

May 8, 2013
SS 01

Soul Sacrifice Review

The PlayStation Vita has been out for a good while now and due to a high price, lack of developer support, and not enough software to warrant a purchase for many, Soul Sacrifice was viewed by Vita owners as the [...]

May 3, 2013