Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Project Playthrough Giveaway Answers!

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Earlier, we held a giveaway contest where we gave a quiz. The person that gets the most answers gets an exclusive Dirge of Cerberus model gun.
Now that the quiz is over and done with, we will now post the answers!


1. What is the name of the app Charles is working on?

Zombies ate my mother

2. What type of alcohol (include name) did Chris drink very heavily one night.


3. What is Kushi’s hair color

Beige (Brown or Black was accepted)

4. What is Swaz studying to be in college?


5. Who ordered Chris’s pizza?


6. What floor does Swaz live in in his building?

11th floor

7. What did James’ mom make him do with his pokemon game?

Smash it with a hammer

8. What do we spend donation money on?

Advertisements and equipment for Project Crystallis

9. Which titles has BOB appeared in?

FF1, FF Tactics, FF7, Chrono Trigger, FF6 (optional answer)

10. Who was at Chris’s house at Thanksgiving?

Chris’s mom, Charles, and Bootsy

11. What is Kushi’s real name?


12. Which city’s travel brochure did Kushi read while on call with PC?

San Francisco

13. What beer was Kushi drinking on camera?

French Lager

14. Who’s Kushi’s favorite character from Final Fantasy?


15. What is Chris’s mom’s nickname for Kushi?

Mary Poppins

16. What do people want Swaz to smear on his chest?


17. What is Swaz’s most nostalgic game?

Alundra 2

18. Why did James break up with his girlfriend? (two points)

Because she tried to stab him with a knife and stole his shoes (half point for just saying she was crazy)

19. Who is Swaz’s favorite character from FF9?


20. What gave Kushi a splinter?





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