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Project Destati Unveils Album

Project Destati - background

You may have heard of Project Destati, a shadowy organization whose website recently began displaying an ominous countdown.

Apart from the presentation and countdown, a complete imitation of how Square Enix revealed the iOS port of The World Ends With You in August 2012, and the clear Kingdom Hearts-related imagery and music, no one has had any idea what it is. Square announced several days ago that they have no affiliation with Project Destati, and the website states that it is unofficial and has no connection with either Square Enix or Disney.

Well, the countdown ended at 4am Eastern Standard Time, and the truth has been revealed: Happy 11th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, everyone!

Project Destati is a five-track album of Kingdom Hearts music put together by three musicians: David Russell, Kristen Naigus, and Sebastian Wolff. They are all musicians, with the latter two being an orchestra musician and pianist/record producer respectively. Wolff’s experience in music releases lies in licensing covers of tracks, which explains how Project Destati exists.

Destati aims  “to capture and enhance the depth, intensity, and magnitude” of the Kingdom Hearts OST. You can check out the album on Loudr or iTunes, and the tracks they have are decent. They also promise to continue releasing new soundtracks over the course of the next year. The entire album can be purchased for $3.

If you’re interested in Destati’s first album, Awakening, the five remastered tracks are: Destati, Treasured Memories, Sinister Sundown, Another Side, and End of the World.

Personally, I’m disappointed with the reveal, much as I was with Square Enix’s announcement over the iOS port of TWEWY last year. But at least Project Destati, like Square, leaves open the possibility of more music in the future. Sinister Sundown (Sunburn in the album) is refreshing, in any case.


Feel free to check out Project Destati’s music, and let us know your opinions in the comments!

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