Sunday 24th September 2017,
Project Crystallis

Project Crystallis x Operation Suzaku


In an effort to further unite fans and advance the cause of pressuring Square Enix to localizing Final Fantasy Type-0, Project Crystallis and Operation Suzaku, two independent fan campaigns, will collaborate in a Type-0 Union Campaign.

What does this mean for both campaigns?

More campaign actions will be promoted together by both groups to reach a wider audience. Both groups will use respective sources to further alert Square Enix.

Thank you for those who have supported Project Crystallis and Operation Suzaku all along and we will work together to maximize the power of the fanbase.

– Project Crystallis Team


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About The Author

Founder of Project Crystallis. I hop around the site and write things, contributing to the cause when I can.

  • Leo Willman

    so is the site gonna still be up

    • hrsksky

      It is a collaboration, not a merge. We will work together to promote events etc. but the names/sites/pages remain the same.

  • Robloxsaurus

    Whoa! PC and OS joining forces? This shall be interesting!