Wednesday 16th August 2017,
Project Crystallis

Project Crystallis Support Video – Since 2006

This Project Crystallis Support Video summarizes what has been happening since 2006 – the year Fabula Nova Crystallis was announced? While we all waited for Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Type-0 (previously known as Agito XIII)? Take a look at all these alarming facts!

Soulo– “This is my first attempt at using After Effects and proposed an awesome challenge to learn a new program in this capacity. After several weeks of fact gathering and about a month production time, I hope I’ve done satisfactory work in this video presentation. Hope everyone enjoys it, and I look forward to seeing it spread!”

Disclaimer: “I know there are moments in which you have to pause the video to see what is being shown, and read some of the text. I apologize ahead of time for this because I was tying the text with the music. Also, because the video is text heavy, it is best to watch it in HD.”

So what do you think about this information being presented? Is it not a bit overwhelming how long we have been waiting for these 2 games!? Look at how many triple A titles have been born and had sequels. Look at how many other Square games have been released in the past 6 years! Let us know  how you feel in a comment below.

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