Saturday 23rd September 2017,
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Possible Final Fantasy Versus XIII news?

FF Versus XIII

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been on hush mode for some time now with no new footage since its last trailer almost 2 years ago. With false rumors circulating around the net last July, there hasn’t been much to hope for, until now.

Next week’s issue of Famitsu will have a “surprise scoop” on a “long-awaited title,” teased in the back-pages of this week’s issue.

“The silence is broken on a long-awaited title,” reads the magazine. “Information will be revealed at last.”

The magazine will also be having a “Huge Capcom Project” and Sony Computer Entertainment interview.

I wouldn’t take all this to heart since there is also another long-awaited title; “The Last Guardian” that PlayStation 3 owners have been waiting to hear more about, so we can only hope this scoop will have anything to do with Final Fantasy Versus XIII since there has been a similar rumor back in November relating to this. Check out Gematsu for more details on the situation.

What do you think the “long awaited title” will be? Let us know what you think in the comment section and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.



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  • hoping this is true.

  • Talera Ristain

    Seriously hope it’s not some little nothing game

  • I would be happy with either announcement. The Last Guardian will be a great game just like every Team Ico game. But I’d rather have Final Fantasy Versus finally.