Friday 18th August 2017,
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Possible June release date for Final Fantasy X: HD?

Lulu FFX

The Sony Destination PlayStation event is currently being held in Arizona, and if you don’t know, big announcements and reveals are shown during the event.

Supposedly, new screenshots of the PS3 version of Final Fantasy X: HD have been revealed during the event. Aibo of the fan site Final Fantasy Reunion, tweeted that FFX: HD is on par with Final Fantasy XIII, graphically, while also claiming that the game is scheduled to release this June.

FFXHD Rumor tweet

Square Enix recently showed a couple of screens and footage of the PlayStation Vita version of Final Fantasy X: HD. With the new Tomb Raider published by Square Enix releasing on March 5th, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releasing later this year, a June release date make sense.

I know we heard rumors last year of Final Fantasy X: HD being on par with Final Fantasy XIII, graphically, but do you truly believe this HD re-release will be more of a remake? Or do you think it will just be the PS2 version in HD? For now this is just a rumor, but  I’m personally hoping for it to look as good as Final Fantasy XIII, but let us know what you think in the comment section, and stay up to date with everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.

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  • It’d sure suck if it was Japan only or something.

  • June seems to soon but you never know. Hopefully it foes get released then because I really want to play this game again (without having to by a PS2) and have it on the go.

  • This tweet says he has no source though.. It also mentions 10-2 is being remaked?hmm

  • I just expect two things from this game:
    1) It’s the international version
    2) The CGI scenes are better

    I swear, Tidus looks freaking weird on them

  • Westrmistr

    June seems a little too good to be true, but we’ll see what happens. Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance was released in July, 2012 outside of Japan, so perhaps this could have a grain of truth in it. Whether or not it comes out then or later, I believe that Final Fantasy X: HD would benefit from having Final Fantasy X-2 remastered or remade with it. More people would take interest, as it would be a complete collection.

  • Pretty much if it isnt the international edition, alot of people will get angry and not buy it, if they do put x-2 with the game. esp the international + last mission version, then the sales will be Phanomial.

    • AnbaLeumas

      Although I agree with you, this game will sell well even if it’s not the international version. No way people will pass up FF X with XIII graphics.

  • SirAuron14

    I hope its the international version of both X and X-2. with this rumors. I wonder when those screenshots will be out I hope pics get reveled next week or sooner! I’m sure someone here has connections to give us news!

    • The international version of X is already in english so that should be a given. I really hope we get all the extra content for X-2 because we missed some good stuff there.

      • SirAuron14

        yeah definitely, anyone know when we will be getting news? since Destination PlayStation is over?

        • AnbaLeumas

          If not E3, we can only hope for TGS.

          • SirAuron14

            ugh that’s too long, lol i was hoping soon meant soon, like a few weeks.its time for people to start leaking info anonymously now.

        • Valefor0

          Square Enix said that the offical anouncment of the game would be here soon during the vita event 18th feb 13.

          • SirAuron14

            I don’t recall them saying that, but its march now…. and no official announcement…

          • Valefor0

            They did say that (in japanese of course). Remember when square enix say soon, that doesnt mean its the same soon as other people mean.

  • Doubledge

    I’d be happy with ps2 version with updated graphics to play on my vita just like mgsHD. Straight port. But if it looks better that just a bonus.