Sunday 24th September 2017,
Project Crystallis


Petition Time! Calling all supporters! 

What we have here is a petition. A petition which, if signed by enough people, could realistically get the information we seek regarding Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and even a localized version of Final Fantasy Type-0.

There is a very simple reason for this. Square Enix is a business. If they see enough people signing a petition requesting these games, then logically speaking, that means that there is a large market for these games in the West (as Square Enix should obviously know). This means that there is potential profit to be made, which in turn means they have an incentive to release the information we need, and the games we deserve.

Therefore and thusly, you want information? You want a localization? Sign our petition for Final Fantasy Versus XIII & Type-0! Just follow the Cactuar! He’ll show you the way!

UPDATE: As of E3 2013, the information blackout on Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been lifted. Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s name has also been changed into Final Fantasy XV.


Current Signatures: 6,015