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OPINION: What is your favorite Final Fantasy?


Being Final Fantasy fans, we all have a favorite Final Fantasy or one that really pulled our heartstrings. And one of the most popular topics that we discuss is about our favorite ones and why. Staff and supporters of Project Crystallis are no different and the following are some of those opinions. Feel free to share yours in the comments!


That is a difficult question for me.. I came into the series on Final Fantasy VIII and fell in love with the lore. Asking me today, I would have to say Final Fantasy VII. Those characters have left such a lasting impression on me more so than any other story or franchise. There is just something about the tone or mood in FF7 that I never seem to get tired of.


“VIII has the best battle system of any final fantasy.
That is drawing, GF’s, junctioning, and all that”


“I don’t really have a very obvious favorite. But if I must pick one, I would say I’m more fond of 8 because of personal bias. I just like the characters a lot (ESPECIALLY LAGUNA). Even though 8 was my second Final Fantasy, I liked its future/space/school setting and some of its ridiculous cheesy plot actually makes me smile more than my first Final Fantasy (7). And I really enjoyed the romance. Even the extreme plot twists are very humorous to me. So there you go.

I know it’s kind of not fair but I can’t help it. And really, VIII has many flaws in both plot and gameplay. But I actually enjoy it for that so call me weird. If you want a less bias view, mine would be the same as Snow’s for the same reasons she listed below.”


“Reason for my favorite FF (VI) : There’s no focal character; although there’s a little bit more emphasis on Terra as the starting character slightly, everyone is important to the story. Although I don’t care to use some of the characters at all, I think everyone’s background story is interesting and how they all relate to one another. One of my favorite characters in the FF series is also Locke, from the same game, because I liked his Thief class and his self-definition of being a treasure hunter, but also I’m a hopeless romantic, so I really relate to his devotion to Rachel, even in the second half of the game. Another reason is because of Kefka, who successfully played his role as villain by actually pulling off what he was aiming for. A real villain, in my opinion, isn’t suppose to be relatable, sympathized with or likable (though I’m not saying a good villain can’t have those traits, but I think you really want to take down a true villain). Kefka was just downright insane mentally and his acts were just hateful. And then there’s the final battle, which had a slot of symbolism and connections with Dante’s Divine Comedy. This was discussed and detailed by another user really well on GameFAQs a few months back, but the forms and accompanying music to the final battle are completely epic.


The first form representing Inferno (Hell), and Satan buried to his waist and the music Dancing Mad starts with the same music as when Kefka destroyed the World of Balance on the Floating Continent, Catastrophe, but remixed (also, the music starts the same way as when you turn on the game, so it’s like the beginning and then the beginning of the TRUE end). The Inferno is where one sees evil for what it is, and this begins the characters confrontation with all of Kefka’s forms.
The second form symbolizes Purgatorio (Purgatory) with its design based on an amalgamation of creatures and enemies you’ve run into throughout the game. If the first form is the beginning, the second is the journey representing the resistance the heroes faced. Furthermore, Purgatory is where sins are more psychological, and on motives, so the form’s physical appearance is a collection of enemies, but ultimately it is Kefka’s mind that is nonsensical.

The third form is Paradiso (Paradise or Heaven) and its design is a direct reference to a Michelangelo art piece, with Kefka being the Savior in the arms of Mary, but its symbolism flipped at what The Messiah represents (the music here is even a mix of Kefka’s theme, Bach’s “Preludes and Fugues” and Handel’s “Messiah”)
The final form is the Triune God, whom Kefka takes the place as. Just like The Divine Comedy, he descends from the heavens and in the poem, Dante understands everything about divinity, humanity and life instantly without being able to express it. In this case, Kefka’s representation is that he is divine and that humanity is worthless and cease all life.


I think the person who posted it on GameFAQs explains it better, but it’s buried now.

That’s all. Simple right?”


“I don’t really have a favorite >___>

They’re all good. All the stories and backgrounds are very innovative, or at least they were before FF became the bar setter for fantasy rpgs. Now everyone kinda copies FF a little bit.
The setting of all the games are also really different from each other, yet they all manage to feel somewhat unified. They all have this mystical overtone that I haven’t really been able to find in any other kind of RPG.”


“It’s 12 for a lot of reasons. There is the world, exploring, the more mature setting…etc.”


“It’s VII because it made me a JRPG fan.”


“It’s FFX. The Aeons were awesome”


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  • Haha. Mine is bigger than Ozma’s.

  • 7 hands down. vs xiii has potential to be better though

  • 7. First and best I’ve ever played.

  • Westrmistr

    When it comes down to my favorite Final Fantasies, they would probably be X and VIII so far. Crisis Core probably counts as my favorite non-main title Final Fantasy.

  • FFT, I have a weakness for tactical based RPGs, and out of all of the ones I’ve played, this is the best. As for more traditional RPGs, FFX-2’s battle system was flawless, sucks that they wasted it on such a terrible story. FF7 is close to the top, first one I ever played and holds a special place in my heart. Then there is 8..6..9.. ugh, the list goes on!

    • vanishmantle

      FFT is also my favorite and it still is my go to FF every day.

    • FFT is a close 2nd for me. By far my favorite story, overall.

    • Khalid Abdulellah

      did you just say ffx had a terrible story?? you serious bruh?

  • Ozma. You’ve sold me. My opinion of liking FF12 has been changed forever. I too now think FF7 for showing me games are art.

  • bleachedsnow

    Why is it only FF VII that showed you games could be art? Could there have been other games that could have filled this position besides FF VII?

    • Cuz Art

    • Why do you have to argue about a personal experience someone had? Are you going to argue why someone falls in love with another at first sight, even though there are many fish in the sea?

      • ah, this comment was just a running joke. Nothing to be taken seriously. Also, Cuz art, bro.

  • Final Fantasy VIII :>

  • with all of the years of video games prior to 1997, it took you until the release of FF7 to show you games can be art? May I suggest Super Mario Bros?

    • vanishmantle

      ^ this…. There are tons of games that have been herald as art and the pinnacle of game. Like Ocarina of Time for instance is a game that transcends it’s medium and there are those who don’t even play games that know of it.

    • I don’t see why people have to pick on his opinion. Perhaps there are many games before and after FF VII that showcase games as art, but it took that specific experience in VII to open his eyes.
      It’s all about opinions. You have yours, they have theirs, I have mine.

  • vanishmantle

    FFT would have to be my favorite. It is more than just a game it was my child hood, it was my late nights, it was the first game my parents allowed me to obsess about for months. It is the one game I have bought more than any other game. I have purchased it over 20 times in all the various formats and have invested more than 4k hours into the game over various files throughout the years.

  • I liked this for Ozma’s comment.

  • FF VI because all of things that soulo sad, i like the X and VII and Tatics, but a really like ff i’m a fanboy i admit XD. I like the I to the XIII, Yes i like XIII too, like a sad i lke final fantasy

  • Can I put in a vote for FFXI? It’s way awesome!

  • Final Fantasy 9. The story, the characters, the music, all of it mixed together forms what is in my opinion one of the best games ever made.

  • juma086

    I’d have to go with ffix on this one. I was reluctant to play it at first because i wasn’t too fond of the art style, and i didn’t think it would be as good as ffvii. I eventually caved in, and to this day, have no regrets.That game was one of the very few games that i didn’t enjoy just because of the gameplay, soundtrack, characters, and story (which were all the best in the series in my opinion), but the theme of life and death. Not fearing death and living life to the fullest. After beating it i felt a sense of happiness… yet i was sad too. Sad that my journey had come to an end. This game has a special place in my heart for these reasons.

  • Mine is 13 for a lot of reasons. I love all six playable characters and their back stories and their reasons for fighting. The gameplay is fast paced and fun, the music score is beautiful and amazing, the story, although linear at first, draws me in everytime I play it and I enjoy roaming around gran pulse. It also introduced my favourite Final Fantasy character, Lightning! I have a bit of a crush on her. So yeah, I might get hate for saying 13 is my favourite but whatever! Its much better than 7!

  • Final Fantasy VI and VII are equal favorites of mine. They both represent almost all the things I want in a JRPG in terms of story, combat, world, tone, music, and emotional connection.

  • TetrNja321

    It’s gotta be XII, as theres just something about it, that makes me like it more.

  • Gary Jonathan

    12, it was the most challenging of all the battle systems and it was always fun even grinding was a blast I know im in the minority though

    • Id have to agree! lol

  • Tony

    VII is my favourite as the story and feeling of being with the characters made the game special to me.

  • Waya13

    FFVll over all, with FFX and behind that FF Tactics original and WOTL. The others fallow. FFVll opened everything for me. FFX showed me something different that I liked, like the watery stale. FF Tactics was something away from FFs but still being FF. I like them all some more than others.

  • VII IX VIII my top three in that order. VII was just way ahead of it’s time. Would love to start them again but no trophies. GUTTED. (“,)

  • VIII is probably my all time favourite followed closely by 9,I just love the emotion in those two games. Man I remember when Squall and Rhinoa are on Ragnorok and she floats over to sit in his lap…gosh, the romance is fantastic!! but I must say Crisis Core …… what a freaking game, I cried so much during the last battle and cutscene … I mean I knew what was going to happen but the way they portrayed those last few moments was pure brilliance…and not to mention THE PRICE OF FREEDOM (have to type in caps because it’s so epic) ….. out of every single final fantasy I have ever played, Zack is my favourite character, he is the most likable, goofy and honourable character in the FF universe in my very humble opinion.

  • 12 iw my favorite… Now can they remake it and add a bunch of extra features? (dungeons)

  • im gonna leave some bad taste in yalls mouths but it was ff13 for me lol…naw 7 was best but i think that 13 is a close second

  • Payden Keith Pringle

    While I love Final Fantasy, I’m just going to throw this out there.

    My favorite is Final Fantasy Tactics. Which imo was better than VII.

    But also, I consider a game called Legend of Dragoon, which came out around the same time as VII, to be much better than VII as well.

    Saying all that, I have played and beaten VII a few times, and it’s a great Final Fantasy game, but I don’t see why so many people love it. Maybe it’s because I played it in 2002 because I’d heard how so many people liked it and expected lots from it, but although I enjoyed it, I don’t consider it one of my top favorites. It’s like number 5.

    1. Tactics
    2. I (Yes, Final Fantasy I, the original)
    3. X
    4. IV
    5. VII

  • BAMM

    I know this is probably a lot of fans’ favorite FF, but there’s no question FF:VII is my all time FAVORITE FF game and next to The Legend of Zelda series, my favorite video game period. The amount of emotion and empathy that the game draws from the player is amazing and I’ve never experienced a game, movie, or book that can do that as well and at such a level that Final Fantasy VII did. That game is probably one of the best memories from my childhood (yes a video game lol).
    Aside from the story, the game also had a REALLY fun battle system and sidequest variety. While primitive by today’s standards, the game kept me addicted for MONTHS trying to defeat the Ruby and Emerald weapons and find all the secret materia and weapons.
    I just hope Square Enix can do this again somehow (maybe with FF:XV), but definitely the best FF title is Final Fantasy VII.

  • 【テイジ】

    FFXIII saga.