Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Operation Rainfall Article – Type-0 Localization Issues


Click here to read an article about the potential problems Final Fantasy Type-0’s localization team might be having. Here is an excerpt for your reading pleasure:

“The song, “Zero”, by Bump of Chicken (A Japanese pop band) is used in the beginning and end scenes of the game. Supposedly there is a dispute between
BoC’s record label and Square Enix regarding royalties and any other use of the song in a international version of the game. Without any actual information from SE or the record label, we could only assume any other reasons behind the dispute.” (article written by: Abner Colón)



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  • Catmancer

    Although it is unfortunate that such problems have popped up because of the song, and I’m glad this shows that Square-Enix is trying to keep it faithful by trying to keep the song in for international release, I hope international sales don’t get canceled because of this; it really shouldn’t. Look at Final Fantasy XIII: the theme song in the international release is different from the Japanese version.