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Nomura at E3: More Details on Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV

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Famitsu interviewed Tetsuya Nomura during E3, and asked about Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV. Here are some interesting notes from the interview:

“- Nomura says the final line in the FFXV trailer is not part of the game’s story, it was just added as a gag for the name change reveal. (This is the line about the “fifteenth coming”.)

– He acknowledge that the “A world of the VERSUS epic” tagline at the end of the trailer specifically refers to the possibility of turning the setting into a series of its own. He says the story in FFXV will reach a climax, but it is like the conclusion of a single part of a larger epic (poem). There will be room for more stories to be told.

– He is aware that for large scale console development projects, there might be a need to keep people interested in the long term with online elements rather than just offer a short term single player experience. There are no concrete plans as of yet but he’s looking at all possibilities to see what fits.

– S-E is interested in expanding new FF experiences on the PS Vita, as well as smartphones and tablets. They won’t be the same old FF experiences, but something new.

– There will be more of FFXV shown from now onwards, especially at big events like TGS.

– They’re calling the shading technique in KH3 the “Kingdom Shader” and the shaders they use will change with each world to create more authentic visual experiences based on the Disney source material. (This was already mentioned in the S-E Radio interview on their Youtube channel earlier.)

– For FFXV and KH3, they’re currently looking into using Luminous Studio as the main engine. By developing on an Overspec (PC environment I presume), it makes porting the same content to both PS4 and Xbox One easier.

– The battle footage in the trailer (I think he’s talking about KH3, since that was the leading question) is a movie, because the tools they’re using have difficulty outputting stuff on the actual systems right now, but he promises that runs in realtime in the dev environment and it should look the same eventually.

– The two biggest new things in KH3 which he talks about are “crazy scale action” and way better enemy AI. He confirms that there will be a 3 character party in the game, but NPCs and allies in each world will also join in battles, and there will be crazy epic aerial action blahblahbalh sound like KH. 😛 He also talks about enemy AI being more complex and being able to interact with the player, like Sora riding on a vehicle type enemy and so on.

– There will be more on KH3 at TGS and at Disney’s D23 Expo Japan in October. KH3 is seen as a rival production for FFXV. Get hype, etc.”

The most interesting point to me was Square Enix interested in bringing Final Fantasy to the PlayStation Vita. Does this have anything to do with Final Fantasy Type-0? Are we getting closer to both of our goals? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts with Project Crystallis.

Source: NeoGaf

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  • Justin Merithew

    I just want to see a Wii U version of KH3 🙁 I was most sold on Nintendo’s exclusives. The new Monolith Soft game looks really cool.

    • Jason Carr

      If they’re having trouble to make KH3 run on ps4 and Xboner, imagine how hard it would be to get it to work on the Wii U…

      • Justin Merithew

        Who said they’re having trouble? The brief little gameplay bit at the end, while awesome, wasn’t super impressive graphic was. I could see that running on the Wii U, or if they had to they could scale it down a bit. They’ve said several times Luminous is very scaleable.

  • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

    So excited for KH 3 …. I mean ….. Disney has freaking Marvel and Lucas ….. Do I hear keyblade sabers …