Saturday 23rd September 2017,
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Final Fantasy Versus XIII info ban to be lifted soon

Nomura on radio

During an episode of Square Enix Merchandise Radio, Final Fantasy Versus XIII director and character designer, Tetsuya Nomura, answered a question thats has been asked time to time by pretty much everyone in the world. The other staff present during the show couldn’t help but ask Nomura when the next details will be revealed for his elusive project.

Nomura explained:

It’s a delicate situation within the company. The date for our next reveal is set and we are working toward preparing information for that. Perhaps the details as to why information couldn’t be released might be touched upon at the next information announcement.”

Nomura apologizes for the delay, and would like for the fans to wait just a little longer.

Recent leaks have created a lot of speculation that Versus has been renamed to Final Fantasy XV and furthermore, moved to Sony’s next generation console. With E3 just 2 months away, all we can do is wait and wonder what is the secret title Square Enix wants us to be excited about. What do you guys truly believe Square Enix will reveal during E3? Let us know in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy Versus XIII with Project Crystallis.

*UPDATE – According to Gematsu, Nomura stated that the info ban on Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be lifted soon and will be revealed once again, soon. Looks like we’re getting closer to the truth everyone!

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  • vanishmantle

    I am pretty sure this is going to be at E3 or at the next big gaming event TGS

  • Xx_Kares_xX

    Well Final Fantasy has already been drug so far through the mud that it can’t possibly get any worse.. might as well completely reinvent the series by throwing EVERYTHING about it out the window and making it Kingdom Hearts for adults… They’ve already pissed off almost every fan they’ve ever had… it seems they finally given up on pleasing them and decided to try and get a completely new audience.

  • eilegz

    hopefully we are all wrong and Versus will be released on ps3

  • Westrmistr

    The time is nigh, “the info ban on Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be lifted soon and will be revealed once again.” I’m confident that with everything that’s been happening lately, Versus XIII will finally get its turn in the spotlight. For everyone’s sake, I hope it comes to the PlayStation 3, even if it sees a release on the PlayStation 4. The developers of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn said they wanted to keep their promise of bringing it to the PS3, so I think Nomura will honor the fans who have been waiting for this game to come to it, as well.