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Noctis Named as the Opposite of Sora – Japan Expo FFXV Tidbits

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In this year’s Japan Expo held in France, FFDream & Finland was able to interview Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, Kingdom Hearts III, and Final Fantasy XV. Below is a summary of the interview. It covers almost all the vital game-related points of the lengthy interview.


  • KH 1.5 HD has a team new to KH for the upscaling work. The original KH team is working on 3.
  • Nomura would like to add Marvel/Lucas Arts/Star Wars related material recently liscensed by Disney as well (KH3). But there are Disney guidelines so they need approval.
  • KH3 will cater to fans with surprises due to it being the last chapter in the series.
  • Nomura watches many movies for his inspirations.

  • ROEN designed and tailored the clothes of Noctis & his crew. With the actual costumes made, the CG team has an easier time putting the costumes in the game.
  • Nomura admits that he is not good at managing time and many projects so the role of the co-directors is really important and supportive.

  • Sora is Nomura’s favorite character he’s made. He’s like a “good son”. Noctis, however, is his “latest boy” who is apparently more clever than cloud.
  • Sora in Japanese means “sky” and Noctis’ name in Latin means something like “night sky”. So they’re the complete opposite of each other and there’s a reason for that too.

  • The car will be the most used vehicle in FFXV. There’s also magitek armor. But don’t expect many different types of vehicles. Motorbikes are unlikely.
  • In older trailers, Noct gets red eyes for the warping ability. They consider making his eyes red during warps in game but are conflicted on whether it would be necessary in fast gameplay.
  • They might take out the design choice where it’s game over when Noctis dies.
  • Priority is the main game of FFXV but they will really consider going back and adding fun elements (like mini-games and such) after the main scenario.

stella HD

  • Nomura made Stella prettier. She’s now someone that Nomura quite likes.
  • It’ll be difficult to have a female playable character. (Perhaps for story reasons? Though that is speculation since his wording is very strange here)
  • Nomura recorded the E3 2013 video message last minute by request of Sony.
  • Tabata (FFXV co-director) was always eager to join the FFXV team. He’s motivated and he will come around soon to reveal more details and such on a later date.
  • There’s no concrete plan for FFXV-2 yet so please wait for future details.

For the full length interview, see here. All credits go to the FFDream & Finland team.

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  • Chloe

    *last chapter in the series? As in this is the last KH game or the last in the Xehanort saga? Disney also acquired Pixar in 2006 but we haven’t seen any worlds for them in any of the games.

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    If there

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    If there’ll be an FFXV-2, I wonder how many years are we going to wait?
    Just wondering… XD

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