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New screenshots and info on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the final installment in the Lightning saga trilogy, and is planned to launch later this Fall. Square Enix has revealed new info on Lightning Returns Battle System along with a new area player’s will come across during the game.

The latest report focuses on the Dead Dunes – the desert location set in the game’s world of Nova Chrysalia. This area is dotted with numerous ruins and Lightning can slide around to explore the landscape. The magazine also reveals a new ability for Lightning – dubbed “Overclock.” This ability can slow down time and is said to be her “ace in the hole” or trump card. The Overclock ability is activated through GP – a new type of point system.

If you look closely, Lightning is fighting some sort of dragon enemy in the sands, and in another screen is wearing what looks like a new outfit.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled to launch this Fall worldwide.

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LR 05 LR 04 LR 03 LR 02LR 01

Looking at the desert location screenshots, it seems the Luminous Engine is doing some justice to the game’s lighting. Lightning Returns is starting to look like a promising sequel, and one that I’m personally looking forward to.

This new info does sound interesting, but how do you guy’s feel about this? Looking forward to exploring areas like the Dead Dunes? What  are your thoughts on Lightning’s new outfits? Maybe you’re hoping to hear more about Lightning Returns Battle System and the new features added to it. Let us know in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.

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  • Why is Lightning blonde??

    • Its probably the lighing of where she is at the moment.

    • AnbaLeumas

      Her hair also looked blonde during different parts of FFXIII.

  • the outfit is horrendous >< i know she's gorgeous n looks good wid anything but to be so careless to put up a nonsensical uniform? green military bra n white jacket n a skirt? please….

  • I just hope there will be less embarrassing outfits to wear.

  • so i guess they bring back the “MONSTER FRAGMENT” system.

  • disqus_i0kwvI34oT

    they put back the original Overclock system that was gonna be in FFXIII! sweet 😉