Friday 18th August 2017,
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New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Field Areas And Beastiary Screenshots

New Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn screenshots have been posted on the official A Realm Reborn website. These screenshots show the different areas players will come across and some of the beasts that they may find in some of these areas.

Gridania/The Black Shroud

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Limsa Lominsa/ La Noscea

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Odin – “A fell knight clad all in black, Odin roams paths long forgotten beneath the canopy of the Black Shroud.
There are none now alive who know the truth of when or by whom this elder primal was first summoned into the world. Ever vigilant as he sits astride his mighty steed, Sleipnir, it is said that Odin is drivenly solely by the desire to do battle with worthy foes.”


Bahamut – “Held in duress for aeons within the lesser moon, Dalamud, the elder primal Bahamut broke free of his captivity when the celestial body was wrested from the heavens to descend upon the Battle of Carteneau. Once freed, the terrible being wrought fiery destruction across the length and breadth of Eorzea, his devastating rampage marking the beginning the Seventh Umbral Era. In the midst of the chaos, however, Bahamut was enveloped in a blinding white light and abruptly disappeared from the skies. None claim to have seen the primal in the five years since.”


More animals from the Beastiary

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  • adolru

    Nice, but if quality will fall, hope the history and gameplay raise again… you know not every one liked XIII as much as it supposed to be.
    (i recently found this page)