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Lightning Returns: Trophy List, Summoner of Spira, Social/Customization Features

yuna light

A massive output of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII updates have surfaced during the Tokyo Game Show.

First, Square Enix has shed light on the social and customization aspects of the game. The game enables players to take screenshots and share via social media sites such as Twitter. In the second video, the process of shopping for equipment and customizing is detailed along with a few new alternate schemas.

Secondly, if player purchases the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster and has a save file of it, the player will gain access to the Summoner of Spira schema in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It seems that the Final Fantasy X victory theme will accompany this schema just like how Final Fantasy VII‘s victory theme will accompany Cloud’s schema. A trailer of the schema can be viewed below:

yuna summoner of spira schemaLastly, the trophy list of the game is unveiled online.



lightning returns trophy list


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  • Red

    Wow this is bullcrap, i love FFX but i cant get yuna’s Costume cause i dont have a ps3 to get FFX HD remaster! I hate console exclusive crap like this!