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Lightning Returns TGS Off-screen Gameplay Demo

lightning returns wildlands

If you are curious about the combat, roaming, and questing in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Tokyo Game Show’s Wildlands demo will satisfy you. The Wildlands is one of the four main continents in the game featuring natural landscapes, ruins of civilization from Final Fantasy XIII-2, and a large map to run around in. A small isolated town named Canopus Farm and a railroad station are open for exploration as well. Chocolina makes a return serving as a quest hub this time. The main quest in the demo is to save a white chocobo called Angel of Valhalla who is threatened by a nearby Chocobo Eater as described by a NPC.

This is likely Lightning Returns’ last grand showing before its release in Japan. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due for release on November 21st for Japan, February 11 for North America, and February 14 for Europe.

Exploration/Combat Gameplay from Gamespot:

Main Quest Gameplay from Kotaku:

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