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Lightning Returns Opening CGI, Developer Showcase, Extended Trailer

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UPDATE: TGS extended trailer is now in HD and English.

A developer showcase of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was recorded from Tokyo Game Show’s Twitch stream for Xbox. The showcase takes place in the Wildlands once again. Both Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Game Design Director Yuji Abe are present along with a Lightning cosplayer. At the very end, the TGS extended trailer is shown. The recording can be viewed here. An outline of the showcase is shown below.

4:50:00 – Start of the showcase

4:53:00 – Beginning of Gameplay

4:54:30 – Whole Map of the Wildlands

4:55:45 – Unpredictable Events

4:56:25 – Discover Objects on Field

4:56:45 – Customization

5:00:30 – Behemoth Fight (Escape restores health but costs time)

5:04:00 – Chocobo Saving Quest

5:13:00 – Ending and Extended TGS Trailer

This is the Extended TGS Trailer in English:

Right now there is also a Lightning Saga play through that Square Enix is streaming. Check it out if you wish.
UPDATE: The stream is now completed. At the very end they showed off the first 15 minutes of Lightning Returns. Unfortunately, there is no recorded footage of it yet. Once a recording is uploaded, Project Crystallis will make an update. Stay tuned.
UPDATE 2: The game opening of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is recorded.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the third and last installment of the Lightning Saga. It releases on November 21st for Japan, February 11th for North America, and February 14th for Europe.

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