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Lightning Returns New Trailer, Screenshots, Music, and Info


A whole new bunch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII related information has been released to the press. Below will be a compilation of the new updates. There is a new ’13 Days’ trailer, some screenshots, and tidbits of info about the game mechanics.

The English and Japanese trailers have slight differences so both will be posted below.



Next, there are a handful of screenshots and information.

The team made a big change where you are given an ability to stop the flow of time, at the cost of some glory points.

A gauge at the bottom left of the screen will indicate how much GP or Glory Points you have. You can use GP for various purposes such as time stopping, special abilities in battle (such as overclocking), and teleporting to areas on field. GP is earned via fights.

Radiant power points sacrificed to the Yggdrasil tree in the fifth ark used to be the same as GP. They were used to extend the time Lightning has to save the world. However, the radiant power points are separate now. Lightning automatically returns to the ark at 6 AM to sacrifice the radiant power points she earned throughout the day. The tree’s life span has a max limit of 13 days.

You can beat the game without extra battling since clearing main scenarios will boost your parameters. You can also clear everything in 1 playthrough, albeit hard. There is a hard mode.

There is a slaughterhouse in Yusnaan which is a battle arena. The theme there is “survival of the fittest”.

Gear will heavily affect Lightning’s parameters. You can buy most expensive gears in your first shop and use it through the game but the money to get it would be hard to earn.

One of their goals is to make visible areas as accessible as possible (apparently 90% can be explored). There will be freedom in these large open fields. You can walk through the world in seamless open fashion. There will only be loading screens for teleportation, relocation during story events, and entrance into monorails.

Dungeons will present different elevations and depths.

There is a counter-attack system where by using most of the ATB bar, you perform a timed counter that directly staggers and critically damages the foe. It only works on physical attacks.

The game is actually quite simple and feels like a regular RPG. You press buttons to attack, block in real time, and use movement to your advantage. Though, traditional grinding can still help you overcome difficulties.

You are rewarded for destroying enemies’ body parts. It also weakens the foe.

Lightning’s Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 outfits will be available if you own saves of the previous 2 games.

Cure/raise is no longer a normal ability. You must spend GP to use them though HP can regenerate on field.

Enemies can become extinct but the last one of each species will be especially strong.

The crossover Miquo’te outfit from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be in the game. Equip Lominsan Cutlass and Escutcheon and your attacks will be extraordinarily fast.

Lightning will receive a black mage outfit which contrasts the white mage outfit that Serah had in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Lastly, a few new preview tracks with no titles have been publicized: BGM04 by Masashi Hamauzu, BGM05 by Naoshi Mizuta, and BGM06 by Mitsuto Suzuki.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is the third and final installment in the Lightning Saga of Final Fantasy XIII. It will release for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 21, 2013 (JP), February 11, 2013 (NA), and February 14, 2013  (EU).

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