Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Character


Lumina, a new character revealed in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, has been said to give more assistance to Lightning. However, there have also been hints that she will hinder her as well. As you can see in the article scan, she looks a bit like Lightning and Serah. Could she be related to them? Or is this simply a case of “same face syndrome?”

Whatever the case may be, its interesting to note that we have not seen another character quite like Lumina in the Final Fantasy XIII series. From what we can tell, she seems to be the mischievous type, wouldn’t you all agree?

On an unrelated note, it’s also worth mentioning that in the left hand side of the scan, Lightning is wielding a different weapon than seen so far. This could be an example of the so called “wears” we were told about (different articles of clothing gives Lightning different powers and abilities).

We’d love to hear any thoughts you might have in the comments below!

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  • Lumina is probably some incarnation of Serah or something…. If there isn’t a connection between her and Lightning, one Ill be surprised, 2nd I will be bitching to Square Enix for giving her a similar design to Lightning/Serah because they had no creativity to make a fresher/new character. -.-

  • It seems like she is just yet another character who happens to look like someone else, it seems like this is a theme in the XIII series? Ex: Etro=Muin, Yuel=Yuel=Yuel