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Lightning Returns Images and English Opening CGI

lightning yuna thundaga

The Lightning Returns Opening CGI has been posted already but now the English version is available.

Below are some images of Lightning Returns that you may or may not have seen. The screens of Lightning’s Miquo’te and Eorzea Grand Company gear, Yuna wear, and a Noel CGI render are present as well. You can read more about the Miquo’te, Aerith, Yuna, and Cloud wears by clicking on their names.

Check it out to see if you missed any of them:

lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_13_group lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_13_noel_render lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_20_a lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_20_b lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_0 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_3 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_4 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_6 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_10 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_19 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_33 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_34 lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_gridanian_sigil lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_gridanian_sword lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_lominsan_cutlass lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_ul_dahic_blade lightning_returns_ffxiii_sept_xiv_ul_dahic_crest yuna1 yuna2 yuna3

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases on November 21st for Japan, February 11th for North America, and February 14th for Europe.

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