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Letter From The Producer, E3: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


This isn’t literally a letter. This is more of a Q&A with the producers of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Let’s check it out:

“The Playstation 4 version is being developed in tandem with the DX11 client for PC. Yoshida places the launch date at early 2014, and reaffirmed early, clarifying that it won’t run on the typical “Square Enix” time where early could mean something entirely different. Yoshida then further clarified that the account system would work perfectly fine, and players can easily carry over from one system to the other. When asked why the announcement was made now, before the PS3 version has actually been released, Yoshida made it clear that the reasoning was due to the mass worldwide press coverage present at E3, and that there was no better time.

Kitase of the XIII series made an appearance and pitched an XIV and XIII collaboration project to Yoshida after one of Kitase’s team mocked Lightning in Miqo’te equipment (image below). Yoshida said he would like to do something, and that he will talk about it further with his team once they return to Japan.

Further Scholar information will be revealed at the Letter from the Producer Live: E3 Edition Part 2 which shall be fully voiced in English and is airing on Thursday, June 13, 2013 at 2:00pm, (PDT)/5:00pm, (EDT) and 21:00 (GMT), so make sure you catch that stream!

Some information was also hinted at relating to the Frontline PvP, the large open PvP that involves Grand Companies fighting each other for supremacy of ruins. Yoshida revealed that it would likely be coming in patch 2.3, and that the players involved will take over forts and fight one another, he also hinted at crafters being heavily involved with the process.

For a full breakdown of the transcript, please take a look at the Unofficial Translation, provided by Reinheart of the Final Fantasy XIV Community. An official translation may be available in the coming days or weeks.

That’s about all for the important information, there are further questions in the translation above, but they have either been answered many times before, or aren’t directly related to the game.”

Letter from the producer information provided by Nova Crystallis.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is set to launch this August for the PlayStation 3 and PC with a PlayStation 4 version launching in 2014.

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