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Interview with Operation Hotblood!


Swaz here from Project Crystallis. We’ve decided that since Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been given the information it deserves and is now a main flag title (Final Fantasy XV), that we’d celebrate by giving some other operations and projects some exposure! Who knows, some of you here might be huge fans of the games these campaigns are running for! So without further ado:

Project Crystallis (PC): To start off, could you introduce yourself and your campaign?

Operation Hotblood (OH): I’m Jermaine, the founder of Operation Hotblood. It’s also known as the Super Robot Wars OG Localization Movement. We strive for the localization of Super Robot Wars OG games, in particular 2nd Super Robot Wars OG (SRW OGs2) for the PlayStation 3.

PC: So why “Hotblood”?

OH: The term Hotblood refers to the determined, courageous and overall hotblooded nature of many giant robot pilots that you control in the SRW OG universe. Hotbloodedness is also a character trait that is very common in many giant robot anime, and since SRW OG is basically an homage to the mecha genre, it’s a fitting name.

PC: I see, speaking of mechas, all the ones in the games your group is striving for are original yes? Would you like to see any mechas from other media sources in these games?

OH: The SRW OG games are devoid of giant robots that are made by other companies, manga writers, video game companies, et cetera. The normal Super Robot Wars games are these giant crossover games filled with Gundams and other mecha such as Gurren Lagann and Mazinger Z. Since it’s practically impossible for crossover-filled SRW games getting localized, I’d rather prefer that the SRW OG games stay devoid of other intellectual properties.

PC: So what gameplay mechanics or features are new to this SRW OG game that weren’t present in the previous iterations?

OH: Well, in OGs2, you can perform a Maximum Break. A Maximum Break allows 4 units to attack simultaneously to the enemy. There’s also the ability slot system, which basically gives each individual pilot and mecha three ability slots. However, Twin Units have a total of twelve slots. Twin Units are basically two pilots and their two, respective giant robots becoming one unit. Think of the pair-up system that appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening, but with giant robots.

PC: It seems like a very strategic and tactical game. Are there any elements that would appeal to people who aren’t necessarily SRPG fans?

OH: The game gives you a lot of freedom. For starters, there are multiple story routes. You can also customize your giant robot by spending money on it, increasing its abilities. Certain robots can equip different weapons. Not all pilots are tied to their giant robots, so you can try out what happens if you give the silent soldier guy a giant robot that screams hotbloodedness. You can also customize pilots by giving them certain abilities, which will benefit them in the upcoming battles.

If you’re a fan of anime, giant robots or impressive animations, OGs2 is definitely a recommendation because it’s filled with a variety of giant robots, a colourful yet diversive cast of characters and jaw-dropping 2D animations that will remind you of the amazing attacks that heroes and heroines pull off in anime shows.

PC: Judging by the description, it definitely seems like an impressive series. How was their reception in Japan?

OH: The game sold over 200K in Japan, and infamous video game magazine Famitsu gave the game a 35 out of 40 (9/8/9/9). In comparison to previous SRW games, it’s better received.

PC: Is the series newcomer friendly?

OH: Yes of course, OGs2 has an event library that details the events that happened in the previous installments.

PC: What strategies are your group implementing for your campaign?

OH: Well, our first step is to obviously spread awareness about the game while bringing as many people as possible involved in the cause. Therefore, we’re quite active on Facebook, but also on Twitter, Operation Rainfall, video game news websites, forums and podcast shows. We’ve also made pictures, inspired by SEGA’s idea of how to gauge the interest of people wanting a localized Hatsune Miku game, and spread them across social media.

When the opportunity seems fortunate or when we have the feeling that we have enough supporters at the moment, we initiate e-mail campaigns, sending tweets, posts or e-mails to Namco Bandai Games.

PC: Could you elaborate on the pictures idea? That seems interesting.

OH: Well, SEGA used a picture of Hatsune Miku with the text “LIKE & SHARE if you want Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for PS3 in the west!”. While experimenting with Photoshop, I got inspired by it and bascually used some appealing SRW OG pictures, adding the text “LIKE, SHARE & LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD if you want 2nd Super Robot Wars OG for PS3 in the west!” to it.

I also added some links to the images, so that people know where they must go to support the Super Robot Wars Original Generation Localization Movement.

PC: Did your group come across any problems or obstacles in your campaign?

OH: Unfortunately, yes. The Super Robot Wars fanbase is very divided, and since most SRW fansites have gone out of commission since 2009 – 2011, it’s difficult to reach them all. There’s also the fact that there are former and current SRW fans that have become cynical of our cause to the point of verbally mocking us and not getting involved with our campaign due to the commercial failure of the SRW OG GBA games that got localized by ATLUS in North America in 2006.

There’s also the fact that reaching Namco Bandai is pretty limited when it comes to social media because they don’t have someone who does the PR at the moment and they also don’t accept individual posts. You basically need to comment on their own status updates which have almost nothing in common with our cause outside of Project X Zone.

PC: I see, finally, if Namco Bandai were reading this, is there anything you would like to say to them?

OH: First off, I want to thank Namco Bandai for all the work they’ve done for Tales Of games, Ni No Kuni, Project X Zone and the upcoming Saint Seiya game. They seem to really cater to their fanbase and public nowadays. Secondly, I would like them to answer whether they can offer us a localization of SRW OGs2 (and future SRW OG games) in English or not. If yes, I would like to know what we at Operation Hotblood can do for them to ensure the success of this high quality game. If not, I would like to know the reason why, and I will respect their decision if it cannot be changed under any circumstance.

PC: Thank you for your time, and we wish your campaign the best here at Project Crystallis




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