Friday 18th August 2017,
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Images of Noctis Perfume Has Surfaced

Tetsuya Nomura


Merchandise Manager Hidemi Matsuzuka of Square Enix updated his Facebook page with new images of the Noctis perfume, which was revealed a while back. Notice that the branding of the perfume is simply FINAL FANTASY eau de toilette Noctis while others from their fragrance line on their official product page specifically state their respective titles. A comparison can be seen in the screens below:


Interestingly enough, with the Branding Manager showing up and announcing that a Final Fantasy title will show up at E3, the news of Versus XIII (which is dropped from perfume title) having a reveal date for more information set, ROEN’s mistake of listing Final Fantasy XV on their biography page [and correcting it as Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Tentative)], and various other updates, this is adding more fuel to the theory of Final Fantasy Versus XIII being re-branded. Is this another hint?

The popular theory, of course, is Final Fantasy XV, while another popular one is simply dropping the roman numeral and calling it Final Fantasy Versus. They could also go the way of Type-0, which was originally titled Agito XIII, and receive a whole new Final Fantasy title altogether. Regardless, Hidemi Matsuzuka has stated that more information on the perfume will be released soon, with the perfume’s release date set sometime in summer. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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