Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Hajime Tabata Talks Type-0 and Agito

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In a recent interview with USGamer, Hajime Tabata had a lot to say about both Final Fantasy Type-0, which he directed, and his upcoming Final Fantasy Agito mobile game.

When asked about the prospects of a Type-0 localization, given its connection to Agito , which Square Enix announced will be localized, Tabata had this to say:

Yes, it will definitely be localized. Obviously the release of Agito factors into this decision, but it wasn’t just that. I now hear from the subsidiaries that Type-0 is something that they really want released in their regions.

He quickly backtracked, saying that a potential localization is merely “in the final stages of consideration … the primary motivation behind wanting to release the whole experience would be all the support and passion and enthusiasm of the North American and European gaming community that has reached out to us and asked for it.”

Other notable comments by Tabata included the effect that the PSP and Vita markets have had on localization considerations. Teams had been working on localization, Tabata said. However, the PSP market was dwindling at the time of Type-0’s release, and that, combined with sluggish Vita sales, led Square to put a hold on localization efforts. “The company was uncomfortable with going forward on the project without knowing more information about what the expectations were” in regards to sales projections.

It’s a really interesting interview, and I fully encourage everyone to check it out. The conversation ranged from the philosophy behind portable gaming, to the potential use of a Vita as a second screen for the PS4, to the chronological placement of Agito in regards to the Type-0 storyline.

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