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Gameplay Movie Analysis of Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy xv gameplay

The newest 2013 Final Fantasy XV gameplay movie is released to the public. Let’s take a closer look at all the details in the video. This list is not factual or official. It is a list of my own observations that may be incorrect. The list will be continuously edited with my own new insights and feedback from others.

If you would like to suggest or correct something, please comment below. I will also make a follow-up analysis of the 2013 E3 Sony Conference trailer.

damage numbers appear after attack
orange lock-on for targets
left commands flash blue every time you use it

bottom left corner commands: WARP, ATTACK, LINKFORM
and there’s also a weapon switch display. So far it seems you can only switch weapons by going directly right or left, going through the list. (1:20)
At times, WARP will not be available (1:27-143) It grays out at times when it is unavailable. Perhaps there are conditions for using warp.
(1:43) If you look real close at the attack command here, it changes to magic with a pop out menu for a second. maybe there’s a button to change attack command to magic, and then there’s sub menu for picking magic spells? so far we have only seen fira so maybe that’s the only one on the list?

bottom right corner display: Noctis, Gladiolus, Prompto HP bars
the blue segments under Noctis is used for warp/teleport. Each time you warp it drains 1 segment. (this is from the other trailer. pay attention to the segment line when he warps and you’ll know what i mean)

> Can roll on the floor like a dodge type of thing (0:22, 1:52)
> Sword jab warp (throw sword to destination and warp 0:57) These don’t seem to consume the warp bar.
> Warp to targets? Lock on targets, throw sword, and warp. not sure if it’s a trailer cut or an actual warp. someone can confirm this (0:59) This doesn’t seem to consume warp bar as well.
> Semi-warp attacks? There are times when after each time Noct attacks he quickly warps to another nearby position to re-attack, leaving behind blue silhouettes of himself mid air. It also leaves blue aura trails. (1:06 mid air, 1:19-1:22 on ground)
> Noct’s invisible swords rotate to form a sword bubble like a shield. It shields fall damage i think? (1:15)
> Rotating sword shield also blocks enemy bullets and physical attacks (1:17 – 1:20, 1:44)
> A quick special attack. kind of like a combo bonus or something (1:47)
> kicks (1:51, 3:00)
> an attempt to grab/steal enemy weapon? (1:43) though he didn’t succeed here…
> dodge by flipping on top and over your enemy to his back (1:55)
> different parts of the monster can be aimed as target (1:14)
> magic casting. some kind of fire spell. fira maybe? (2:30)
> Party team work combo. not sure if it was initiated through the sword blocks of noct or not. but it’s there. also at the end, prompto cheers and latches onto gladiolus. (2:45-3:00)
> blue/black blood spews. it’s all around if you pay close attention. one example is at 3:00 (also at 1:20)
> Prompto can shoot the leg of a soldier after sliding through the ground. does this mean you can aim for regular enemies’ body parts? or maybe it’s just a cinematic attack. (3:01)
> Punches (3:02)
> Gladio can even throw opponents to the ground (3:03)
> Prompto can also hide behind walls/shelves and aim (3:04)
> Climb onto bosses (3:07)
> Swim underwater? (3:12)
> Cinematic attacks or a special attack done through combos or teamwork/AI set up(my speculation) that activates in certain situations. It is cutscenelike, uncontrollable, but brief. (prompto 1:23)

1. Dragoon lance (0:11)
2. Engine sword (0:57)
3. Small dagger (2:00)
4. Pole lance (1:27, 1:49)
5. Pile bunker (1:22)
6. A different type of pile bunker that’s kinda sliced in the middle (1.25)
obviously there are more. you can see all their outlines in the weapon switch display at different times. but the above six are the only ones with more than .2 seconds of screen time.

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  • AnbaLeumas

    The swords also appear when switching through different weapons.

  • juma086

    Very nice analysis, Sky. I didn’t even notice some of these.

  • Choco Na Gatas Daitōryō

    Pretty neat… Noct can materialize those sword That I find it AWESOME!