Sunday 24th September 2017,
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final Fantasy X/X-2 HD confirmed! New screenshots!


A recent screenshot from the latest issue of Weekly Jump shows that the PS3 version of FFX HD will indeed include FFX-2 International HD.



Look at the comparison between PS2 Tidus and HD Tidus.



Well, this is certainly great news for us all! Both games will be sold separately on PS Vita.


Dark Aeons, Penance and new features such as the expert sphere grid were all things worth looking forward to in FFX HD but now we can look forward to things such as…..Emerald Weapon in FFX-2!!!!


X-2 Emerald Weapon

It is scheduled for a 2013 release in Japan and there have been no confirmations on the price.





Some new screens have been revealed as well as an announcement that there will be an official trailer announcement (leave it to Square-Enix to announce an announcement) on March 25th!






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  • F’ YEAH !!!!! ^^

  • sucks that they will be sold separately on the vita. What Im hoping will happen is that the ps3 version will cost $40 and each game on the vita will only cost 20

  • Right… but is there a timetable for a release in the states? And in English?

  • SirAuron14

    I cant wait, I’m a get this for ps3

  • AnbaLeumas

    Looking forward to playing this on PS3 since I never finished it on PS2.

  • AnbaLeumas

    I just saw a clearer comparison photo and it looks so different. Really nice.

  • SirAuron14

    is there a high quality scan of this?