Wednesday 16th August 2017,
Project Crystallis

Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 Being Ported To Xbox One

Next gen Sora

During Square Enix’s Future of Final Fantasy event, Square Enix announced that both Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 will be ported to the Xbox One and launch on the same day as the PlayStation 4 version. This is a huge unexpected surprise since many PlayStation 3 owners waited an entire generation to play these two games exclusively on Sony’s console. These two games were probably huge incentives to owning a PS4, for some. The only plus to this situation is that more gamers get to play both games, and the PlayStation 4 version will be the lead platform.

How do you guys feel about this? Glad that more people get to enjoy both games? Did Share your thoughts with us in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts with Project Crystallis.

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  • After this and Lighting Returns I think I’ll be done with Square. They keep betraying my faith over and over

  • Spider-Man

    It’s a port, as long as it has no effect on the PS4’s version, I do not care.

  • Zerasu

    Still getting it on the PS4 :V Don’t care about the rest. As long as they don’t downgrade them like they did FFXIII, I’m cool with it.

  • Zerasu

    I don’t see how it’s a problem for you that they’re not neglecting the other console. It’s good that they’re fighting this whole “exclusivity” crap because it never should have existed in the first place.

  • eilegz

    hopefully they dont drag down the ps4 version, like square did with XIII, XIII-2 and LR…

    with less content, and dumbed down graphics

  • bleachedsnow

    As long as the PS4 version remains untouched by this, I’m good. But geez, what happened to all the exclusive games for sony? They’re just disappearing.

  • Red

    now i have no reason to get a ps4. Since xbox one has more exclusives i care about FFXV was the only game i cared about getting for ps4, but since its not exclusive, yeah ill stick with the console thats better.