Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Final Fantasy X: HD version on the Vita

Since the HD version of Final Fantasy X was announced in 2011 at the Tokyo Game Show for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Square Enix has been very tight on the lips when it comes to any info on the game’s progress. Last summer, Final Fantasy XIII director Motomu Toriyama stated, “Regarding HD conversions, there is a lot to look into, so please wait a bit more.” I’m happy to tell everyone that we won’t be waiting long any more.

Earlier today, Sony and Square Enix finally showed footage of the long-awaited Final Fantasy X, HD version on the PlayStation Vita. The image of Yuna below was taken from a standard definition stream and are not in HD.


Game producer Shinji Hashimoto from Square Enix apologized for the long wait. He also explained that they are concetrating on developing the HD version properly for the PS3 and Vita, aiming to do the best HD version possible. Hashimito didn’t give any release date, but said the game’s release date announcement will be coming soon shortly and told everyone to “wait for that.”

Yuna's legs

If you’d like to check out the footage and a Tidus image from the PlayStation Vita version, check it out below.

Looks like we’re finally getting closer to Final Fantasy X: HD’s release. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited for this HD release. What console do you plan on getting Final Fantasy X: HD on? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.

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  • SirAuron14

    Finally! anyone think we’ll see more news this week?

    • AnbaLeumas

      Highly doubt it. Let’s hope for some more news this wednesday.

      • SirAuron14

        yeah yuna clothes are moving when she moves, lets hope it’ll be like what was in the demo many years ago where we seen tidus moving and full 3d.

        • AnbaLeumas

          After looking at pics from the PS2 version, much has changed. It’s looking good, and I can’t wait to play this on my Vita.

          • SirAuron14

            I wonder when is the next time we will get news. I hope one day they release a lot of screen shots of in game etc.I just want a release date this year.

          • AnbaLeumas

            Let’s hope for some news during E3.

          • SirAuron14

            I really hope its sooner 🙁 i cant wait that long, I waited long enough.

  • Peonus

    FFX HD
    You can see Yuna’s bra line
    That’s cool. Versus where?

    • AnbaLeumas

      Under her bra.

  • This week is shaping up to be great news wise. Lets hope the announcement on the 20th isn’t a let down

    • AnbaLeumas

      I hope for the same thing.

  • stevenm281

    I’ll be getting it for PS3!

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