Sunday 20th August 2017,
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Final Fantasy Versus XIII update

Final Fantasy Versus XIII updateFinal Fantasy Versus XIII update!

As you may know, it has been two years since footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII was shown by Square Enix publicly. The wait for substantial information has been long, but it seems that information regarding the game may be revealed as early as the New Year. Rumour has it that Square Enix is preparing to have a conference around the 15th – 17th of January. If this rumour is true, it could mean that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be discussed alongside Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy X HD.

Noctis and his friends may be appearing in some new in-game footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII at the conference and apparently with a new playable character too. With Lightning Returns scheduled to be released sometime next year, this could mean the spotlight can shine on Versus a little more.

Square Enix has given fans very little information over the past couple of years. Hopefully by next year there will be substantial information and footage. Perhaps one day, we can even see a demo released. However, this is an unconfirmed rumour and should, unfortunately, be taken with a pinch of salt. Versus fans can only hope this is true.

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  • Mael Radec

    Hopefully they announce a 360 version.

    • Josh Gordon


      • Mael Radec

        Why not.

        • because xbox people don’t appreciate RPGs. Want to play it? Then buy a PS3

          • Mael Radec

            In the west Xbox 360 has had more RPGs that the PS3…

          • but how many people who have 360 buy them not too many

          • OmecronBlazor

            This is true. PS3 has more JRPGs than Xbox πŸ™‚

          • Mael Radec

            xbox one.

            /smug grin

        • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

          It would postpone development and would likely lead to an inferior version of the game due to spreading of resources.

  • Josh Gordon

    It hasnt been confirmed, this is just rumor just like it was before and before… We wont get f all on versus for a while. Square enix like annoying their fans.