Sunday 20th August 2017,
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Final Fantasy Versus XIII changed to XV? And is PS4 exclusive?!


A new rumor surfaced from VGLeaks that talks about Square Enix’s next Final Fantasy installment, Final Fantasy XV. The rumor claims that the game will be exclusive on Sony’s next generation PlayStation 4 console.

Square-Enix has had problems in the current gen, I suspect that the company couldn’t adaptFinal Fantasy and other IPs to the HD era. Moreover, the first version of FF14 was a downfall, this game forced to stop the development of other games to focus in the rebuild of FF14. Really it’s like a new game.

Square-Enix announced Final Fantasy Versus XIII years ago and the game was lost in the limbo. Square decided to halt Versus PS3 development two years ago, but the RPG wasn’t cancelled, why? Two years ago, Square-Enix moved the game to PS4 and Sony got in the project.

Actually Sony is co-developing the game with Square-Enix, therefore, this game will be exclusive on PS4.

Square-Enix renamed Versus to FF15 in the middle of this process. Sony’s studios are helping SE with FF15 assets among other tasks.

VGLeaks is usually spot on with the leaks so we will just have to wait for E3 this June to really get to the bottom of this. Do you guys think this rumor is true? How do you feel about Final Fantasy Versus XIII being changed to XV and becoming a PlayStation 4 exclusive? Would this be the news to make you hop on the PlayStation 4 next-gen? Let us know in the comment section, and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy with Project Crystallis.

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  • Westrmistr

    I hope this is not true. Otherwise, I would not be happy one bit. They might potentially lose many customers. Now I hope Versus has not been renamed “Final Fantasy VX” at all.

    • AnbaLeumas

      Why would you think they would lose customers? Is it because Versus was supposed to release on PS3? Or is it because it might be a exclusive? Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 sold 2:1 compared with PS3 and 360. If this rumor is true, I’m suspecting that Sony is paying Square Enix a lot of money to keep this as a exlcusive title so money/customers won’t be a issue since the game will sell millions anyway.

      • Westrmistr

        The install base of the PS3 is very large. Right at launch, and even into the early years of the PS4’s lifespan, it will not have the same install base as the PS3 (if ever). And a lot of people aren’t too thrilled about the PlayStation 4, what with how expensive it will be and some of its features being rather questionable. They will no doubt reel in some customers if Versus is indeed only on the PS4, but how many people would have to miss the game because of it not coming out on the PlayStation 3? How many people bought a PS3 in anticipation of Versus? A lot did, and they wouldn’t be too happy about this. They certainly wouldn’t feel the need to shell out hundreds of dollars just to play this game. If Square Enix seriously wants to turn a profit, despite Sony paying them money for this, it would be advantageous to release Versus on the PS3, and an up-scaled version on the PS4. That way, they catch the interest of people wanting powerful graphics, but they also get sales from all the people unwilling to get a PS4 as they are content with their PS3s.

        • Zerasu

          Wait, people are unhappy about the PS4 because of its price? We don’t even know how much it’ll cost yet. Also, even if some features for the PS4 are questionable, there are quite a few interesting ones to make up for it. I think that the console has a very nice range of features already, for something that hasn’t been released yet. Let’s not forget the console will keep evolving through the years. Even if they lose some customers, they might very well gain some, especially if the new Xbox isn’t quite what people want it to be. If that’s the case, some people could switch “favorite console” or even consider buying both. (Hey, some people have a lot of money. The rest will have to set priorities.)

          While I am one of those who believe exclusives should be a thing of the past, I don’t exactly think this is going to hurt SE that much, if it is even true.

  • If this is true then I am going to have to buy a PS4 and I don’t really want to

    • Shin00bi

      Well we waited 7 years already, I suggest waiting untill 2020 till we have a ps4 emulator and play it then. I won’t buy a ps4 under any circumstances. Chances are anothe trailer of the game will be shown on E3 2013 and will another 7 years in development, to be eventually released on the ps5

  • With the state Square got themselves into, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Sony would have the nailed the company’s feet to the ground.