Sunday 20th August 2017,
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Final Fantasy V remake coming to iOS and Android!

ff5 ios anouncement

Yes folks, the title is not a lie!


Final Fantasy V is going to be remade for the iOS and Android devices and released by the end of this month in Japan.

Apparently the remake is based off the Gameboy Advance port released in 2006/2007.



It will not get a 3D upgrade like Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV have gotten, rather, it will be upgraded so it looks similar to Final Fantasy Dimensions.

It is priced at ¥1,800, which is around $19.


Currently, Square-Enix has not confirmed a release outside of Japan but these FF remakes have all been localized thus far so it would be unrealistic to think we won’t get this one at some point. *Looks at Final Fantasy Type-0*


I don’t know about you, but aside from the price this looks like a solid remake.



Let us know below what your thoughts and opinions are!

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  • Westrmistr

    This is a rather good idea on Square Enix’s part. This will supply iOS and Android platforms with more full-scale and quality games, and will open up more people to the Final Fantasy brand. This Final Fantasy V remake looks to be promising.

    • Eduardo Machado

      Why not Windows Phone and Xbox Platform too? Only IOS and Android? It’s not fair Square.

  • Xx_Kares_xX

    They need to make these games multiplatform… people wonder why 3DS and PSVita aren’t selling yet no one is supporting them with their games. I actually think the art style for this remake looks kind of ugly… and if it’s truly based off of the GBA version I probably won’t spend my money on it.

  • Looks good enough, but honestly I was really hoping they wold give V and VI the 3D-remake treatment. I just loved those remakes to death.

  • I hope they’ll release this on PSN too. Even if this isn’t a 3D remake, I’d really like it being able to play the game in widescreen.

  • They’ve remade 1,2,3,4,5,X, and 13,13-2,13-3, are modern… Look out ! Theres only a few left (: (vi,vii,viii,IX,XII) Id LOVE anyone of those to get remade.