Sunday 20th August 2017,
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Final Fantasy Type-Things To Do While You Wait


If you’re like me, then you know the feeling of waiting for something that may never come. In this instance, I’m speaking of Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. Some days, the wait is bearable. Other days, I can’t stand the fact that we’re not getting any info on either games other than rumors and speculations. Waiting for something can sometimes feel like forever, so I want to put a list together on different Final Fantasy related things to do while we wait for these games to ever enter our consoles.


– Play through some of the classic Final Fantasy games.

FF Alternate Logo


Play through some of the more recent Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy X logo


Watch some Project Playthrough.

I know not everyone owns all of the Final Fantasy games; I sure don’t. So this is for the people who may not own some of the classic Final Fantasy games or just want to check out some gameplay of other great classic titles.


Play Final Fantasy: All The Bravest.

Ok, so this one is a joke. Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. In this instance, WATCH THE GAME PLAY ITSELF.


Sign our petition.

While you’re taking a little break from playing those Final Fantasy games, take a minute out of your day to sign the petition and support Project Crystallis. Every signature counts!


I know the list isn’t much, and there are probably tons of other things I could have added to the list, but I’m sure you guys have your own ways to kill time while waiting for news on Versus and Type-0. Whether it’s playing your favorite games, hanging out with friends and family, or a completely different hobby, share your list with us. What other Final Fantasy related things should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section and stay up to date on everything Final Fantasy, with Project Crystallis.

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