Sunday 20th August 2017,
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Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization Might Not be Dead


According to this source, it seems that Final Fantasy Agito (the Final Fantasy Type-0 spin off released on mobile devices) will definitely be localized in the West.

Going further, it also seems that Square Enix are still considering bringing over Final Fantasy Type-0 to the west, as they have seen all the fan enthusiasm for the game.


So make some noise people!

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  • Lightthrower

    With the release of XIV: ARR and 15 soon, the Final Fantasy brand has had a ressurgence of sorts. People say (and I agree) that ARR is the best new Final Fantasy since the PS1 era. 15 also looks great and Lightning Returns will probably also deliver, so it’s the best time to bring Type 0 to PSP and Vita.

  • Jorudenu
  • Prinny Overlord Shinn

    wow that would be great and i might actually feel better about sqaure if they would do this πŸ™‚ been a fan sense i could pick up a controller and play final fantasy 6 for the first time on SNES and 4 as well.or excuse me ff2 and 3 if you think american only back then.

  • tilt

    I’ll believe it when I see it.