Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Final Fantasy Agito in TGS

agito ace

This new Tokyo Game Show trailer for Final Fantasy Agito shows off exploration, cutscenes, interactive dialogue, CGI movies, mission selection, and the battle system.

Hajime Tabata also stepped on stage for TGS to show off Agito’s gameplay. Also be aware that Tabata is playing pranks again. The Final Fantasy X cross over with Tidus wearing a Suzaku uniform and Nine wearing a Blitzball outfit is fake.

Final Fantasy Agito is an alternate telling of Final Fantasy Type-0‘s story yet still remaining canon. It represents Tabata’s original version of this game on a mobile device. The game will be released on iOS and Android in 2014. It is coming to the West in English this time. Final Fantasy Type-0, the original game however, is still unconfirmed for a Western release, which is why we are still campaigning for it.

This may come off as a small spoiler:

Agito will be the first cycle of events in a repeating time loop while Final Fantasy Type-0 is the ending or last cycle of events in that loop.

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