Sunday 20th August 2017,
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FFXV E3 2013 trailer BGM recreated


Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for Final Fantasy XV for quite awhile and one of the highlights is the background music used in the trailers. However, out of all the trailer BGMs that we heard, only Somnus Nemuris is officially released by Square Enix. There are 2 other heavily orchestrated pieces that we have heard that’s not released yet. So many musically talented fans decide to recreate the tracks. The most recent track from the E3 2013 trailer is recreated by GuardianSoul7. Albeit it is not perfectly in sync with the original, it is still well done and worthy of a listen.

The other track that we heard from trailers before and the most recent battle trailer is recreated by StevenMKelley about 2 years ago :


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