Wednesday 16th August 2017,
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FFX HD and Versus XIII update coming soon. Promise?

It has been a long time since we have even heard any mention of Final Fantasy X HD, and given with the nature of our cause (Versus XIII and Type-0), many of us gamers are a bit worried that we will ever see them in our hands.

Supposedly, Square-Enix will be opening up a bit in the very near future. Square-Enix Europe had this to say to one of its Twitter followers“the world will get answers soon, we promise.”

Final Fantasy X HD was announced all the way back at TGS 2011 and reported to be on PlayStation 3 and Vita during the press conference.

Versus XIII on the other hand… We have all waited since 2006. Square Enix Europe briefly mentioned Versus 13 on Twitter, stating “still currently in development,” however “no dates to announce at this time, but we’ll keep you informed. Promise.”

How many ‘promises” has Square-Enix made over the past 7 years? Anyone kept count? All negativity aside, let’s just hope they are for real this time.

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  • Tanton18

    The next comment from Square about the announcement is: “don’t get too excited. No announcements on the horizon, but we know news is important to you.” So it’s crap. No new info soon.

  • I feel like a lot of time was wasted on FF 13. Now that the last title is coming out this year hopefully square can focus on other important things