Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Dress Lightning as Aerith and Miquo’te


Square Enix is still not finished with Lightning’s crossover dress collection. Today, Aerith Gainsborough’s attire is announced to appear in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as a garb for Lightning. The garb comes along with a flower basket which serves the purpose of a shield in game. The official garb name is “Flower Vendor of Midgar”. Lightning’s victory pose and theme will change with this garb.

UPDATE: Trailers were officially released by Square Enix in High Definition.

You must buy the VJump Game Guide for Lightning Returns released on November 21st in order to receive this garb. Unfortunately, this guide is only available in Japan so far.  There has been no announcement regarding how to obtain this outfit in the West yet.

There is also a video demonstrating the Miquo’te garb in action later on. So enjoy dressing Lightning as Aerith and Miquo’te if you can obtain both.

One of Lightning’s other crossover garbs is the Miquo’te from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. A short low quality video demonstrates the garb in action. The equipment (weapon and shield) have 3 versions. There is a version for each Grand Company in Eorzea. A special cat-like victory pose and the victory theme from A Realm Reborn comes along with this garb just like the other crossover garbs.

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  • community93

    seriously don’t hustle sales like that SE. I can understand Cloud, because people often compare those two, but Aerith! There is nothing Aerith reminds me of Lightning, except they are both girls.