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Lightning Returns Images and English Opening CGI

The Lightning Returns Opening CGI has been posted already but now the English version is available. Below are some images of Lightning Returns that you may or may not have seen. The screens of Lightning’s Miquo’te and Eorzea Grand Company [...]

September 26, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images

Dress Lightning as Aerith and Miquo’te

Square Enix is still not finished with Lightning’s crossover dress collection. Today, Aerith Gainsborough’s attire is announced to appear in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as a garb for Lightning. The garb comes along with a flower basket which serves the [...]

September 22, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images
lightning returns bikini

Unseen Screenshots from Lightning Returns’ TGS Demo

Check out these new screenshots of the Wildlands demo from Tokyo Game Show. Some unseen costume templates are revealed including classic job outfits and more revealing outfits. There are a few new tidbits that goes along with the screens as [...]

September 20, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images
Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD logo

New Screenshots of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD!

  source: [...]

August 11, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images, Project Cystallis, Square-Enix

Square Enix Releases Suzaku Badge Merchandise

The newest merchandise that Square Enix has released is a Suzaku Badge from Final Fantasy Type-0. Of course it is only available in Japan just like the original game. It’s a bit ridiculous how Square Enix has given Final Fantasy [...]

July 7, 2013 Final Fantasy XV and Type-0, Images

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – A Tour of Eorzea Part 3

Check out some new footage from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is set to launch this August for PC and PS3, and PS4 next year. Source: NeoGaf [...]

July 4, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy, Images, Video
2nd girl

Final Fantasy XV HQ Profiles

    We took high quality still shots of all the character profile pictures from the 2013 E3 Sony Conference Final Fantasy XV trailer. These are not officially released by Square Enix so please enjoy yourselves. Click on them for [...]

June 13, 2013 Images

Lightning Invades Final Fantasy X and XIV!

This must be some fanfare, and wanted to know everyones reactions. Let me know what you think! [...]

June 12, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images

Focus On: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII New Info And Screenshots

“During the Square Enix Presents ‘Focus On’ for Lightning Returns, there was a very special guest present: Ali Hillis, the English voice of Lightning. Ms. Hillis talks about how she was chosen for the role, and how overwhelming the first [...]

June 12, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy, Images, Square-Enix

New Final Fantasy X HD Screenshots


June 12, 2013 Images