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Final Fantasy Committee Protects Franchise’s Quality

Square Enix formally established a “Final Fantasy Committee” in order to propel and protect the Final Fantasy franchise’s quality and brand. Hajime Tabata, Yoshinori Kitase, Naoki Yoshida, and Motomu Toriyama will lead the committee. Final Fantasy XV director Tetsuya Nomura [...]

October 18, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy, Square-Enix
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Lightning Returns Images and English Opening CGI

The Lightning Returns Opening CGI has been posted already but now the English version is available. Below are some images of Lightning Returns that you may or may not have seen. The screens of Lightning’s Miquo’te and Eorzea Grand Company [...]

September 26, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images
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First 15 Minutes of Lightning Returns

Square Enix hosted a live Lightning Saga marathon gaming stream on its Japanese Youtube channel not long ago. After finishing Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 with efforts of various Nico Nico users and Square Enix employees, a special event [...]

September 23, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy

Dress Lightning as Aerith and Miquo’te

Square Enix is still not finished with Lightning’s crossover dress collection. Today, Aerith Gainsborough’s attire is announced to appear in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII as a garb for Lightning. The garb comes along with a flower basket which serves the [...]

September 22, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images
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Lightning Returns: Trophy List, Summoner of Spira, Social/Customization Features

A massive output of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII updates have surfaced during the Tokyo Game Show. First, Square Enix has shed light on the social and customization aspects of the game. The game enables players to take screenshots and [...]

September 21, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy
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Lightning Returns Opening CGI, Developer Showcase, Extended Trailer

UPDATE: TGS extended trailer is now in HD and English. A developer showcase of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was recorded from Tokyo Game Show’s Twitch stream for Xbox. The showcase takes place in the Wildlands once again. Both Producer [...]

September 21, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XV TGS Nomura Interview

An interview with Tetsuya Nomura has been conducted regarding Final Fantasy XV. The main theme of the interview is about what has now been made possible for the game since it is currently being developed for the PlayStation 4. Mainly, [...]

September 20, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV and Type-0, Square-Enix
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Unseen Screenshots from Lightning Returns’ TGS Demo

Check out these new screenshots of the Wildlands demo from Tokyo Game Show. Some unseen costume templates are revealed including classic job outfits and more revealing outfits. There are a few new tidbits that goes along with the screens as [...]

September 20, 2013 Final Fantasy, Images
lightning returns wildlands

Lightning Returns TGS Off-screen Gameplay Demo

If you are curious about the combat, roaming, and questing in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Tokyo Game Show’s Wildlands demo will satisfy you. The Wildlands is one of the four main continents in the game featuring natural landscapes, ruins [...]

September 20, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy, Video

Final Fantasy Type-0 Localization Might Not be Dead

According to this source, it seems that Final Fantasy Agito (the Final Fantasy Type-0 spin off released on mobile devices) will definitely be localized in the West. Going further, it also seems that Square Enix are still considering bringing over [...]

September 17, 2013 Articles, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV and Type-0, Square-Enix