Sunday 24th September 2017,
Project Crystallis

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV (formerly known as Versus XIII until E3 2013) is a video game that has long gained interest of many role playing gamers. It is a Japanese role playing game first announced back in May 2006. The initial trailer and trailers following it have won many Final Fantasy fans’ love. Even those outside of the Final Fantasy fanbase were impressed by them. The main director of Final Fantasy XV, Tetsuya Nomura, has released interesting facts on the game world, story, and gameplay.

UPDATE: The following was written prior to E3 2013 during the Final Fantasy Versus XIII information blackout. Since the re-branding of Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has confirmed that there will be no more information blackouts. Because of this, our goal for news on Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been met.

But all these information are very limited and scattered over a 6 year gap between the announcement and today.

Square Enix, the developing company, has teased about news and information on this promising project but many times they led us down. It’s always no shows or wait for a while longer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

We don’t want to rush development but we would at least like some information on how the game is going. This is where our cause focuses on. We hope you will help our cause. If anything, this at least markets the interest for Final Fantasy Versus XIII further.

Like Operation Rainfall, we need to take a lot of effort to make this work. Doubting and doing nothing wouldn’t help the situation improve in any way. With this, we may have a chance even if it’s very small. And it’s very simple to help, just follow us through our mediums, sign the petition, and tell your friends. This website can serve as a Final Fantasy/Square Enix information feed for you. So let’s try hard and take a shot at this.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a title of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series which also includes, Final Fantasy Type-0, XIII, XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: XIII. They’re all different stories and universes with the exception of the XIII games (Versus does not count as a XIII game, it is separate). They only share a mythology of some sort as each developer creates their own takes on the mythology.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is about a young prince named Noctis of an advanced civilization. His kingdom holds a powerful crystal that many other countries hope to get. It is because of this crystal that his kingdom developed to an age similar to our modern civilizations of today while the other kingdoms are still medieval like. He meets Stella, a princess from another kingdom, through a party celebrating the two countries’ friendship.

However, an attack happens and everything falls apart. Eventually, Noctis journeys far away to seek revenge. He even has to cross path with Stella again at some point, though as enemies.