Sunday 24th September 2017,
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Buildingthelist Campaign – Tweet Type-0

sony type-0

Sony’s Third Party Production team cooperates with partners in order to bring third party games to Playstation consoles. Right now their current campaign is called # Buildingthelist on Twitter. Basically they are asking for a list of games fans want on the Playstation.

Go ahead and tweet Gio Corsi, the head of the Third Party Production team, to tell Sony how much we want Final Fantasy Type-0 in the West.

It may be a small step, but it is with many small steps like this would we gain Square and Sony’s attention. Please make a quick Tweet that takes no longer than 30 seconds to make.

Gio Corsi’s Twitter

Thank you for your cooperation. Let’s make a localized Type-0 happen.

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  • bksonic

    I have a Twitter but I don’t know how to tweet somebody help me!

  • Kronos

    Localize Type-0 for the west…(don’t forget)… on psp, unless everyone accord to buy a PSVITA.